The mobile marketing takeover

By Amber Waddy

Mobile phones were so alien to us back in the day, and yet these days they are completely normal. Smartphones are more advanced and more interactive than they have ever been, and there are still new and innovative developments under way for many key players.

When it comes to things like branding and advertising it is useful to know how to reach mobile audiences as well as those sitting at their computer, as the folks at Surge know well. They have come up with a brand new infographic demonstrating just how important mobile networking really is for everyone.

For instance, were you aware that more people use their cell phones to catch up with backlogged emails than those who use a standard PC unit? And that there are more annual smartphone purchases than tablets, laptops and desktops combined? Why not have a look below to learn more…


About the author

Amber Waddy is a Marketing Consultant at Surge Digital.

Surge Digital is a marketing and media agency that specialises in social media management as well as web design and development.

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