Development of the brand utility on mobile

By Anton Ruin

In this respect, even though the concept of branding on mobile is seemingly alike to what is common on desktop web, it turns out much harder for companies to acquire and retain mobile audience.

Why are direct ads failing?

Like it or not, but mobile advertising is a tricky niche to step in even if a company has a spotless reputation on the market; and a successful marketing strategy often loses its effectiveness, if there is no careful mobile branding approach.

Undoubtedly, a great share of mobile ads remains barely visible to viewers, not to mention the fact that even fewer ads are engaging enough to attract and convert potential customers into actual clients. Having realized the necessity to create mobile-specific ads, many businesses still struggle to run informative and insightful campaigns on mobile, which would increase their sales rate and profits.

In this respect, most experts see the reason why direct mobile ads can fail in brands’ unwillingness to accept their need to become useful to their clients, not just entertain them.

How to Develop a Mobile Brand Utility?

The world’s specialists have determined a range of recommendations, aimed at giving businesses a clearer understanding of how they can develop a mobile brand utility, both efficient for their direct advertising and branding purposes.

Namely, one of the best methods is to figure out how a brand can reduce people’s time and effort, spent on daily routine tasks. If a company’s “coffee-to-go” mobile app presupposes a simple and fast payment system or a substantial discount for its users, for example, it can work as an effective alternative to intrusive mobile ad campaigns.

Another way of attracting mobile audience using a brand utility is to create inside media channels and/or communities, where people can exchange their impressions and inquiries, regarding a purchased product and enjoy communicating with each other, too. If a seller of shower utilities provides an easy-to-join and informative “bathroom design” photo-sharing section in the mobile app, it gets an opportunity to create a community of loyal clients and learn, which product variation can attract customers in future.

In a whole, one of the recent trends in the global marketing industry shows that businesses should move from being visible to their potential clients to being interesting and useful for them. In this respect, the development of a mobile brand utility is seemingly an effective method to earn and sustain reputation among the top-value target audience segments and increase overall brand awareness among potential buyers.

About the author

Anton Ruin is CEO of Epom.

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