Debunking myths around programmatic buying


By Anton Ruin

At the same time, the quick ascent of programmatic buying often forces businesses to apply this model without a full understanding, how they can benefit from it. Even more, some marketers happen to perceive it as a substitute term to a creative media strategy, and here is where they are mistaken.

For what it takes, one of the major myths, related to the notion of programmatic buying, is, in fact, the false suggestion that it can be considered a marketing strategy. In reality, programmatic is one of the ways to execute media, that is, one of the options, how businesses can realize already developed media strategies.

To make things clear, it is possible to reflect the way in which advertisers work with publishers via a simple scheme.


Development of a marketing strategy

As seen in the scheme above, the development of a strategy is the primary aspect marketers should focus on. In this respect, a creative marketing strategy should answer the core questions on why a company advertises its brand or products online. Some of the common aspects usually include a need to resolve branding tasks, increase customer acquisition and engagement, drive sales, etc.

Set-up of marketing goals

Further, it is essential to set up precise marketing goals within a developed marketing strategy, which means – to determine, which particular tasks online advertising should help a business cope with. Such marketing goals often comprise a necessity to deliver efficient marketing messages to customers (loyal & potential) on all platforms and devices, eliminate oversaturation in online ad campaigns, unify ad analysis, reports and billing data and many others.

Media execution

Here is when marketers should opt for one of the media execution options: either choose a direct buying strategy or apply programmatic buying. No matter which approach a company eventually selects, it should definitely match the set marketing objectives and goals within a complex marketing strategy.

In a whole, if both sides, namely, publishers and advertisers realize that programmatic works as a method, not the marketing goal or strategy itself, it would become much easier for them to cooperate and receive the best possible results without distracting themselves by the mere media execution.

About the author

Anton Ruin is CEO of Epom.

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