Strong Q1 2014 mobile performance


By Matt Swan

Working with around half the top 100 retail brands in the UK as well as over 1,000 SMEs allows us to build a comprehensive picture of the mobile landscape.

Following on from a strong Q4 2013, mobile activity has gone from strength to strength. In Q1 2014 31.34% of all network traffic originated from a mobile device. This is up from 31.19% in Q4 2013 and a staggering increase on the 22.58% seen in Q1 last year. This was fuelled by a particularly strong January with 32.08% of traffic through a mobile device.

The majority of mobile traffic across the network originates from a smartphone (14.51%) while tablet traffic is slightly behind with a 13.4% share for the quarter.

Switching attention to transactions, Q1 saw 26.71% of sales originate from a mobile device vs. 25.41% Q4 2013. This is particularly impressive considering it was widely regarded as being a mobile Christmas. After a slow January with 25.63% of sales through a mobile device, February and March saw an increase with 26.88% and 27.8% of sales respectively.

The increase in mobile transactions was seen across both tablets and smartphones (17.64% and 8.81% vs. 16.92% and 8.24% the previous quarter).

With a number of Android devices given as Christmas presents, it has not been too surprising to see an increase in Android activity across both smartphones and tablets. Android traffic was up by 3.5% vs. Q4 2013 while the share of sales of also increased by just over 1%.

However there is a significant disconnect between the share of traffic and sales through Android tablets. They received a 24.67% share of all tablet traffic while the share of sales was a mere 14.64%. This is indicative of Android users browsing but not purchasing through their tablet devices. iPad users are much more likely to convert than their Android counterparts.

Apple continues to have the majority of the smartphone activity too with around 67% of traffic and 72% of sales through the iPhone.

We witnessed a drop in conversion rates across all devices in Q1 2014. This can be attributed to the conversion rates in the previous quarter being inflated in the run up to Christmas. Tablet devices continued to convert at the highest rate at 5.7% in Q1 vs. 2.63% for smartphone.

Average order values for Q1 were up for both tablet and desktop, while smartphone AOV was down on what we saw for Q4 2013.

You can find an in depth breakdown of our monthly mobile stats here.

About the author

Matt Swan is Client Strategist at Affiliate Window.

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