UK mobile advertising set to overtake newspaper ad revenue in 2014


By Anthony Wilkey

Reports recently stated that for the first time ever, mobile advertising will overtake newspaper advertising, with mobile ad spend expected to reach around £2.26 billion in 2014, an increase of 90%. With this in mind, SmartFocus, a global leader in real-time, personalised marketing, looks into the evolution of consumers’ use of mobile today, and its importance as a marketing channel alongside those seen in advertising.

The way businesses market their brands has evolved considerably in the last decade. With the prevalence of smartphones (recent figures suggest that by 2019, global smartphone penetration will have exploded to 60 per cent, from the 25 to 30 per cent it is today, in accordance with Ericson Global, Smartphone Penetration, 2013), it’s imperative to understand not only what a customer wants, but when. For example, if a brand knows that most of their mobile users will access their device during their commute at 8am, they can use this information and inject it into future campaigns, making sure to send compelling and relevant emails when they are most likely to be seen, read and responded to.

With mobile trends on the rise, it is even more important to make sure actual campaigns are optimised and easily viewed on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. If email, web pages or forms are hard to view or slow to load on a phone or tablet, it will be difficult and often impossible to keep visitors engaged – especially if the information isn’t relevant or of value to them.

Now, more than ever, brands have the opportunity to engage customers with one-to-one personalised, real-time messages. To connect with customers, brands should look to create an all-encompassing, consistent and emotional experience from the outset. Interacting with customers before, during and after a product or service is used or purchased is essential. Equally, understanding when and how to connect with your mobile customers includes considering the actual experience your customers will have on their mobile devices when they are ‘on the go’.

Marketers have only begun to scratch the surface of how mobile marketing can be used, but as it reaches its full potential, mobile continues to influence and guide customers, giving marketers another channel that provides relevancy, immediacy and enables successful engagement with today’s ‘connected consumer’.

About the author

Anthony Wilkey is Strategic Client Director at SmartFocus.

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