Activate identifies top high street mobile phone retailers


By Mike Cottman

The Activate Solutions Group today announces key findings from its High Street Happiness Survey, looking into the levels of customer satisfaction being provided by the UK’s top high street brands.

Using 60 XCell field agents the survey reached 10 high streets across the country over a 2 week period, incorporating brands from 14 different sectors. A net promoter scoring system was used to measure factors relating to the sites themselves, the level of service being provided and the emotional response customers had to the experience overall.

Top 50 brands includes 5 mobile phone brands

By using the recommendation ranking, which incorporates all other elements of the survey, Activate was able to identify the top 50 high street brands, 5 of which were mobile phone retailers.

O2 came top of the mobile retail sector, ranking number 11 in the top 50 brands list. EE(T-Mobile/Orange) followed close behind, coming second of the mobile brands and achieving 13th place overall. They were followed by Vodafone, which came in at number 30. 3 ranked fourth of the mobile retailers, achieving 34th place overall, followed by Carphone Warehouse at 37.

The research was conducted using The Activate Solutions Group’s new XCell data collection service, which gives retailers and service providers the ability to audit customer experiences across all retail, service and online sites in any sector nationwide.

Our survey was designed to show where the weaknesses and strengths lie on the great British high street. Of the 14 different sectors we looked at, mobile phone retailers achieved 6th place. This is a respectable results, but the mobile sector should be aiming higher than this.

We all know consumers these days demand a lot more from their high street experiences and it’s up to all of us to ensure we’re doing everything we can to meet their ever increasing expectations. Tracking data of this type is the best way to tackle this.

The top 50 brands identified by the research fall into the following categories (listed in ranked order according to the results):

1. Restaurants

2. Jewellers

3. Newsagents & stationers

4. Cafes

5. Bars/Pubs

6. Mobile

7. Banks

8. Charity shops

9. Beauty

10. Petrol

11. Fast food outlets

12. Discounters

13. Convenience

14. Clothes

About the author

Mike Cottman is CEO of The Activate Solutions Group. XCell is a new business intelligence tool that gives companies a genuine understanding of customer experiences, by combining rational assessment criteria with emotional perspective and analysis.

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