How to Build an Effective Marketing Team


By Anton Ruin

No matter how complicated the process of building a highly effective team of marketers might seem there are somewhat commonly efficient tactics to consider at all stages of project development within a company or the process of business development in a whole.

Marketing Effectiveness in a Project Development Cycle

In particular, most reputable analysts advise to begin with the set-up of marketing goals before building a team. At this stage, it is possible to acknowledge what marketing specialists the business requires to realize set-up goals and tasks and achieve desirable results.

At the next stage, when the marketing team already comprises all needed specialists, it is high time to segregate and delegate relative tasks to each of them. In this respect, one of the core aspects is to assure that every team member is fully aware of ways to resolve assigned tasks in the best way and has all additional tools, engines or resources to cope with them fast.

Of course, the cycle of project development is not complete without “implementation” and “ongoing management & modification” stages, which happen to take place more or less within one time frame. During these stages, it is crucial to supervise and evaluate teamwork and ongoing achievements, aiming to maximize the effectiveness of each member’s work.

Last but not least, at the final stage of marketing project development it is also vital to evaluate acquired results, determine main pros and cons in the team’s work, so that they can improve their performance in future.

Possible Underwater Stones

Unfortunately, businesses frequently face a range of so to say “underwater stones” at each stage of their project/company development, and the marketing aspect is in no way an exception of a rule. The most common hurdles, associated with improving marketing team effectiveness, include:

• Hiring the best staff

Undoubtedly, it is far harder to find and hire talented, creative and, at the same time, pragmatic marketers at least as long as the company’s management applies only the so-called “conventional” criteria, e.g. appropriate education & experience.

That is so as a potentially successful marketer should also have what we tend to call “a broad creative and innovative vision”, which presupposes one’s thinking and working “outside the box”. The mentioned innovative vision is, in fact, what constitutes a marketer’s ability to react towards the slightest changes in audiences preferences and adjust one’s activities, accordingly. It is also one of the strongest driving forces, which enables marketers to take reasonable risks for the achievement of maximum results.

• Working within limited budgets

Of course, it would be much easier to build the most effective marketing team in the world if a company had a limitless budget to spend. Like it or not, but most businesses these days face a necessity to compose the best team using only the available limited budget.

The core hurdle is to persuade the best specialists on the market to work for a reasonable salary on a permanent basis, which can, of course, be avoided, if a company offers really interesting, unusual and challenging projects to its potential marketing team.

• Teambuilding activities & team motivation

No matter how qualified and creative a company’s marketing team is, it is essential to maintain its members’ motivation levels, simply because highly motivated employees generally show twice as better results in their work.

Additionally, it is important to maintain and develop in-team connections, so that each person feels valuable and is willing to work hard to achieve both each particular task and the commonly set marketing goals, too.

About the author

Anton Ruin is CEO of Epom.

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