Articulating opinion: Interview with audience interaction specialist,


By Chris Lee

Central Europe may fly under the radar when it comes to Internet innovation, but one new player emerging into the global market is, whose tool aims to provide real-time audience interaction to organisations running events.

NMK spoke with Peter Krajnak, Distribution Manager at, to learn more.

Introduce us to What was the inspiration?

Our beginnings date back to the academic environment when we intended to improve the quality of education in Slovakia by providing lecturers with instant feedback to their sessions. However our first users missed the feature that would enable the audience to ask questions, as most of their participants were simply petrified to speak up in front of the public. That was the moment when we realised the potential of our solution and refocused on events and conferences. We implemented live questions and polls, which became later our two core features. is now an audience interaction tool that gives everyone the equal chance to ask questions during presentations and conferences and vote for the ones they deserve to be answered.

How does it work and who’s using

A user can create an account within a minute and set up the event instantly. Then he/she simply shares the link before his/her presentations where participants can join via their mobile devices and ask questions that appear instantly live on the wall. An event organiser can also pull their delegates into the story by using polls and engaging even large audience at once.

For the time being, we’re honoured to be used by companies like Google, KPMG, SAP, WTG Events, Telefonica O2, festivals such as SXSW Interactive and Pioneers Festival in Vienna.

How does it differ from other survey tools on the market?

We believe that simplicity is the new perfection and we try to implement this mantra into our tool. There is so much going on at the conference and events and we strive to be truly enrichment not a burden for delegates as well as the organisers. Therefore we focus primarily on our two features- live questions and polls.

What are your top tips for using

1. It is crucial to introduce to the audience at the start of the presentation or event and ideally let participants vote in a simple test poll on a funny topic.

2. Prepare a poll question that allows the entire audience to participate, so focus rather on larger context of the presentation than super specific detail.

3. As a moderator, you can emphasise that the audience can vote for the questions that they consider the best. It’s very empowering and democratic.

4. The audience can ask a question tight to a specific slide without waiting until the end of the presentation and risking that they will forget it.

5. Using a simple poll at the end, you can get an instant feedback on your session from the entire audience.

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