Ten top tips for getting your Facebook advertising correct

By Jon Myers

1. Getting it right on the Facebook newsfeed

Allocate at least half of budget toward Newsfeed placements – Advertising in the newsfeed means increased newsfeed visibility and mobile reach. As both mobile adoption and newsfeed engagement increase amongst users, aim to begin allocating budgets toward the ads that are most likely to be seen by users.

Track ROI of Newsfeed ads – Newsfeed ads perform differently and therefore must be managed separately from right-hand side ads. Ensure they are working with a Facebook ads management platform that can track not only conversions and ROI but also the lifetime value (LTV) of desktop and mobile newsfeed placements separately from right-hand side placements.

2. What about mobile?

Manage mobile campaigns separately from desktop – Split mobile-targeted creative into separate campaigns from your desktop-targeted creative. Mobile users tend to behave, research, and purchase in different ways than desktop users. Therefore, a device segmentation approach will help ensure easier management, reporting, budgeting, and optimisation.

Take advantage of Mobile App Install ads – Mobile app install ads allow advertisers to promote mobile apps and encourage downloads on Google Play or Apple’s iTunes. According to Internet Retailer , Facebook’s Mobile App Install ads have a 10x higher download rate at a 20% lower cost-per-download than web-based banner ads. If you have a mobile app, Facebook’s Mobile App Install ad solution has the potential to dramatically boost downloads.

Ensure mobile-targeted campaigns match mobile user behavior – To be successful on mobile, consider how your target audience uses Facebook on a mobile device. Are they typically at home when they use Facebook’s mobile app? If so, you can use Facebook’s WiFi-only targeting. If target users are more apt to log-in during peak commute times, schedule campaigns to run only during the times of the day when people are likely to be commuting. This can be automated through most management platforms.

3. Using Facebook’s custom audiences

Nurture website leads – With a CRM system, advertisers can segment email leads that have been captured and create a Facebook Custom Audience based on this segment. You can build “lead nurturing” campaigns targeting this group with industry updates, links to webinars and whitepapers, and best practices which you already know are of interest.

Retarget users who abandoned the conversion process – Advertisers can use Custom Audiences to retarget customers on Facebook in addition to Facebook Exchange. By tracking website visitors who have abandoned the site during the conversion process, you can then use Custom Audiences to retarget this segment in an effort to bring the visitors back to the site. Try offering a compelling reason to visit in the ad creative, such as a discount or special offer.

Reach the friends of current customers – Customs Audiences also present advertisers with the opportunity to reach the friends of current customers. For example, Disney could target the friends of customers who recently stayed at one of their resorts with a message highlighting the fact that they too can have their “dreams come true.”

4. Get creative

Get ad content right –Messages should be short and concise, specifically tailored for the target audience and text should be limited to 90 characters. Images carry the greatest impact and should be chosen wisely. Consider using headshot images of people or close-up pictures of products. For Page Post ads, text should be just 20% of the overall ad and include social context as well as a website link to maximize conversion rate.

Conduct a frequency analysis to inform creative strategy – Advertisers should aim for frequencies of 1-5 exposures per ad and never expose a user to the same ad more than 10 times. By analyzing the relationship between impression volume, CTR, and frequency, advertisers can identify ad fatigue. Watch your highest-volume campaigns with the greatest performance volatility. Automating this rotation is the easiest and most effective method.

Follow these tips and your advertising should deliver the ROI you’ve been looking for.

About the author

Jon Myers is Managing Director – EMEA for Marin Software, the leading digital ad management platform. Previously a Director at Yahoo!, MediaVest and Latitude, he also sits on the Global SES Advisory Board.

Marin Software Incorporated (NYSE: MRIN) provides a leading Revenue Acquisition Management platform used by advertisers and agencies to measure, manage and optimize more than $6 billion in annualized ad spend. Offering an integrated platform for search, display, social, and mobile advertising, Marin helps advertisers and agencies improve financial performance, save time, and make better decisions. Headquartered in San Francisco, with offices worldwide, Marin’s technology powers marketing campaigns in more than 160 countries.


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