Samsung most popular at MWC with 1.2 million online conversations, twice nearest rival Nokia

By Catriona Oldershaw

The launch of the Galaxy S5 helped Samsung dominate online conversations during Mobile World Congress, according to research by social media listening platform Synthesio.

Synthesio analysed conversations on social media platforms, blogs and the comments sections of newspapers, about brands throughout Mobile World Congress and discovered that Samsung was mentioned 1,246,000 times, or in 44.2% of all online conversations about major brands. Online users were particularly impressed by the S5’s camera and display.

Samsung’s nearest rival Nokia was the subject of 586,200 online conversations (20.8%) following the launch of the Nokia X. The Xperia Z2 helped Sony to third place with 18% of online conversations.

Much of the online chat related to the Nokia X cited the use of the Android operating system and the handsets low price, however, 60% of all online conversations related to the phone were neutral, which could indicate that consumers were ambivalent about the device. Blackberry’s launch of the Q20 failed to set social media alight, with the handset mentioned in only 250,000 (8.9%) online conversations during the conference.

Mobile World Congress may have been dominated in the media by news of WhatsApp’s merger with Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg’s keynote speech. However, social media users were keener to discuss the hardware that was launched. The runaway winner this year was Samsung’s Galaxy S5. This builds on the successful launch of the S4 last year and seems to indicate that the online community is a growing fan of the brand. Nokia put in a strong showing, however, many users seemed to be underwhelmed by the X. Blackberry should also be concerned that the Q20 did not create much buzz online.

About the author

Catriona Oldershaw is Managing Director of Synthesio UK.

Synthesio builds software for global social media monitoring and analysis. Synthesio’s software enables businesses to monitor and analyse conversations around their brand or products in more than 50 languages and 192 countries. Synthesio’s clients include Nissan, Microsoft, MTV, L’Oreal and Mars and the company has offices in New York, London, Singapore and Paris.  

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