New Marin Facebook research – the international perspective for advertisers

By Matt Ackley

85% of Facebook users are outside North America, yet only 48% of ad dollars target regions outside North America. North America is home to just 15% of global Facebook users yet the region accounts for 52% of Facebook advertising spend.

Marin’s data indicates advertisers are underinvesting in Facebook outside of North America. For example, Asia Pacific has more Facebook users by volume than any other market but captures a mere 11% of ad spend.

Latin America leads all other international markets in Facebook user ad engagement. Not only does the region have the world’s highest percentage of Facebook penetration, at 66% of internet users, it also generates the highest Facebook ad click-through-rates (CTR)

The increasing competition to reach Facebook’s North American users has driven CPMs for these ads dramatically higher – yet the cost of ads targeting the ‘other 85%’ of Facebook’s users remains quite low. Now is a golden opportunity for brands to launch impactful, cost-effective campaigns internationally – before competition and CPMs rise.


You have access to the full report on the link here.

About the author

Matt Ackley is Chief Marketing Officer at Marin Software.

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