Customer experience – the single most exciting opportunity for 2014


By Adobe

The research, carried out at the end of 2013, shows that 20% of in house marketers and 17% of agency marketers feel that customer experience is the foremost opportunity in 2014, with mobile coming in a close second.

Other important findings of the report include:

• Mobile continues to be the glue which holds together the customer experience, most obviously in the world of retail where brands can target customers based on location and engage with them while in-store. Wearable technology will only accelerate this trend.

• In the world of B2B, content is king. A quarter of B2B respondents view content marketing as the single most exciting opportunity in 2014, compared to just 11% of B2C – focused marketers who share this view.

• A business culture that allows for experimentation is important with 64% of respondents agreeing that they’re going to be ‘heavily experimenting with digital in 2014’. The report backed up the findings of Adobe’s Digital Distress survey, which showed digital marketing approaches at organisation are in a constant cycle of trial and error.

• To get customer experience right, organisations need to ensure they have the right data, technology and culture to act as the foundation. A focus on multichannel marketing and campaign management are also required to underpin a successful approach to customer experience.

• Efficiency of television is dropping with 49% of respondents agreeing that ‘Mass reach via TV ads won’t be an effective tactic within 5 years’.

The report can be read in full here. If you have any questions or would like to speak to an Adobe spokesperson do let me know.


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