New research on social media login data following NSA and GCHQ revelations

By Victor White

As we saw in our Q3 2013 social login data, the war for consumer identity on the web is hotly contested, with Facebook, Google/Google+, Yahoo! and Twitter all competing to become the primary trusted consumer identity. And while networks like Google/Google+ continue to make gains, Gigya’s Q4 social login data showed a subtle but important shift in consumer preferences.

Facebook still just barely holds a majority in the aggregate view of logins, but the world’s largest social networks saw significant gains in important industry verticals such as Consumer Brands and Travel web properties and increased its position as the leading social login provider in Europe as well. Additionally, Google/Google+ continued to make steady progress as an identity provider on the web while Yahoo! saw steep declines in several categories.

Facebook is by far and away the dominant platform for social logins, with a staggering 76 per cent of social media-savvy consumers log in through Facebook to use ecommerce sites, while 59 per cent use it to log in to travel and hospitality sites – a 9 per cent jump on the previous quarter. In addition to regular social logins, Facebook also leads the way with logins via mobile devices with 63 per cent of users log in to sites through their mobiles.



About the author

Victor White is director of marketing communications at Gigya.

Gigya provides well-known brands like Pepsi, Verizon, ABC, Microsoft, CNN and Nike with the ability to understand and connect more closely with more than 1.5 billion socially connected consumers. Gigya works with brands to help them analyse consumer data and behaviour to improve the offering that they in turn provide for their customers. 


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