Calling for mobile performance metrics in 2014


By Bill Dinan

Marketers in 2014 will be looking for ROI metrics that prove lead quality and demonstrate the value of mobile ad engagement. What do I want to engage the consumer in? What drives a mobile sale or an actionable item that is a proxy for a positive buying behaviour? Knowing the answers to these questions – and tracking secondary actions from calls and online reservations to direction look ups and coupon downloads – enables marketers to better prove mobile ROI and thus will help justify more mobile ad spending. This next step in the mobile ad evolution will also help mobile become more integrated rather than treated as an isolated media.

In 2013, the first ever UK Mobile Path-to-Purchase study by xAd and Telmetrics revealed that the two main drivers for mobile users interacting with mobile ads are local relevancy and local offers. In 2014, this will continue with mobile ads becoming even more effective through the use of new technologies such as geotargeting, which will enable them to focus on mobile consumers’ proximity to a key location.

Mobile ads will become far more sophisticated not only through a more localised approach, but also through more precise targeting of consumers based on user profiles and preferences. Introducing secondary action strategies to drive user engagement will play a key role in helping to monetise mobile. For mobile display campaigns, expect to see more specialised landing pages where consumers will view directions/maps, place a call or receive an emailed voucher, in order to monetise the action. These secondary actions offer tangible metrics that can be proxies for purchases or conversions.

The shift to more tangible mobile metrics will also fuel greater demand from advertisers for similar secondary action metrics in local search. Ultimately, advertisers want to make optimisation decisions based on actionable intelligence and that requires agencies and local search providers going beyond engagement and clicks to deliver performance metrics that indicate lead quality and conversion.

About the author

Bill Dinan is president of Telmetrics, the leading provider of call measurement solutions. He has played an integral role in establishing Telmetrics’ brand leadership in the local search industry and has led the company’s evolution from print-centric tools to multi-media, leads-based measurement solutions for traditional, digital and mobile ad programs. Bill is chairman of the Local Search Association board of directors and a regular speaker and contributor to local search thought leadership forums and events.

For more than 20 years, Telmetrics has been the call measurement industry leader. Telmetrics’ call tracking solutions, which are available in North America and across Europe, track the lead generation quality of local search advertising and pay per call programs for the leading brands in local search. This includes both publishers and agencies that serve millions of SMBs and national franchise locations across North America and Europe. With greater visibility into advertising performance across all media channels—digital, mobile, print and more—media publishers, agencies and advertisers can optimize the media mix for higher quality lead generation, resulting in increased revenues and a more complete picture of ROI across converging media.

Detailed research findings for download:

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