BrightMove Media bring digital advertising innovation to London’s black taxis

By Piers Mummery

BrightMove Media’s TaxiCast technology advertising offers a first for drivers and operators of London Black Cabs, advertising and marketing agencies alike. Its digital advertising screens are mounted on the roofs of London’s iconic black cabs, enabling advertisers to broadcast highly targeted content throughout the capital. The system features 3G technology to bring timely and relevant messages to audiences. It was created following an extensive TfL regulated and approved research and development programme, which not only included rigorous safety and electrical testing, but also took into consideration the general public’s admiration of the London taxi’s iconic shape.

Central to the company’s service is the ability for an advertiser to use "activation triggers" to intelligently target and deliver high impact digital advertising to the entire London audience using time of day, geographic location and ambient weather conditions.  TaxiCast delivers complete advertising relevancy by broadcasting the right message, to the right person at the right time, in the right location.

The digital advertising system uses GPS and 3G to display adverts in specific areas of London or at the time of day to target a specific audience. For example, over the summer the team worked with Magnum ice cream to use a mixture of humidity, temperature and brightness to activate digital advertising which was based on real time information. The taxis detected when temperatures rose above 19 degrees Celsius or above 16 degrees Celsius in sunshine, along with the right level of humidity and brightness. These triggers then activated roof-mounted LED screens which unveiled the new Magnum Kisses ice cream range.

When BrightMove Media collaborated with the Internet Advertising Bureau, the advertising was designed to display teaser adverts followed by a third which varied according to geographic location. Areas around target agencies were defined beforehand, and when the taxis entered one of these areas, the targeted messaging would change to include the name of a potential client.

They have also collaborated with the internationally-known musical Mamma Mia. Each Mamma Mia advertisement is tailored, showing the times of each performance on that particular day.

Currently BrightMove Media is working with Zoopla, the UK’s most comprehensive property website. They are using postcode locations to broadcast availability in an area. To do this, the TaxiCast delivers real-time information from Zoopla about properties for sale and to rent in all 127 London postcode locations as the TaxiCast cabs drive around town.

This private network also provides a steady stream of logging information from each TaxiCast taxi that is used to provide comprehensive reporting for each advertiser on where their campaign has been taken, even down to the location of each impression. This powerful centralised media platform has been entirely developed in house.

The current fleet has successfully travelled over 250,000 miles, with 32,000 hours of screen time and delivered over 25million ads for the initial campaigns.

About the author

Piers Mummery is Chief Executive of BrightMove Media.

Previous to creating BrightMove Media he was involved in various entrepreneurial businesses over the past 15 years, mainly focused on sales and marketing.  His adventures have included marketing agencies, dotcoms, and a chain of garden centres and most recently leading a team involved with a new digital advertising venture – BrightMove Media.

About BrightMove Media:

BrightMove Media is a hot new entrepreneurial company started in 2012. Innovators in taxi advertising for London, TaxiCast is a new digital advertising service from BrightMove Media. Its TaxiCast technology showcases advertisements on dual-sided LED screens which complement the London’s black cab’s iconic shape, whilst offering a unique opportunity to provide a measurable digital outdoor advertising service, visible day and night and with the ability to use geo-fencing technology to deliver ads at a certain time, in a specific location and to the right audience. TaxiCast delivers the ultimate in delivering the right message, to the right person at the right time and in the right place; the Holy Grail of advertising!

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