Biddable World conference launched to address gap in market


By Chris Lee

Advertising spend in the UK has risen for five consecutive quarters, representing the highest levels of confidence since 2007. It’s with this backdrop that the inaugural Biddable World event comes to London with an aim to expand best practice in online advertising.

The creator, Kelvin Newman of SiteVisibility, is also the brains behind other conferences, such as brightonSEO, The Content Marketing Show and MeasureFest. So what was the niche for Biddable World?

What is Biddable World?

According to Newman, in the last few years the biddable landscape has grown rapidly and is absolutely thriving, but there are not any quality events which provide a forum for discussion and an opportunity for talented digital marketers to share what they know, and what they are constantly learning.

“That’s what we asked ourselves before setting up Biddable World, and, after scratching our heads and not being able to come up with any half decent reasons, we decided to arrange one,” he said. “Like our other conferences, Biddable World was created to fill a void in the digital marketing landscape. Not only do we believe in creating a space where new ideas, tips and tricks of the trade can be celebrated, questioned and shared, but we believe that this education should be free.”

As well as training workshops into display advertising, pay-per-click (PPC) and Facebook advertising, the conference will feature expert advice on the biddable landscape, Google AdWords, paid search, performance display, Twitter advertising and Facebook Power Editor.

“That’s what Biddable World is about,” Newman continued. “Delegates can expect a carefully gathered group of experts and industry shakers to speak on their topics of expertise; sharing what they know works, what they know doesn’t, and some reliable tips and tricks which attendees can take back to the office. Plus, with so many like-minded people under one roof, what better chance to provide a networking space where people can meet others who do stuff like them?”

Outlook for the biddable landscape in 2014

So, with greater investment and better practices, where does Newman see the market going in 2014?

“As for what the biddable space will bring to 2014, I think more and more people who perhaps thought advertising was a dirty word are going to give it a try,” he told NMK. “Perhaps the best example of this is when content marketers are looking to tools like Outbrain and Taboola to give their content an extra push.”

Biddable World is on at the Logan Hall, Institute of Education, in London on 21 January 2014, from 09.30-18.00.

Tickets can be found here:

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