Mobile Stats for December 2013

By Matt Swan


Having recently launched our new reporting suite in our interface, we have revamped our mobile reporting. It has allowed us to accurately attribute clicks and sales to the correct devices. Previously this data was collated in a different way which was not as accurate, so you will see some of our mobile data reporting higher figures than previously.


This document looks at the mobile stats across the network for the year. In this we look at the share of traffic and sales that originated from a mobile device as well as the conversion rates of each, before breaking this down into the individual device stats that are driving these trends. For the first time our new reporting has now enabled us to look at average order values by device too. 


Mobile vs Non Mobile Traffic


The share of mobile traffic increased again in December with consumers turning to their mobile devices over the Christmas period. This increased to 32.42% – up from 31.5% in November.


As we predicted last month, we certainly witnessed a mobile Christmas with traffic through mobile devices peaking at 35.24% in the week commencing 22nd December. The following week also demonstrated a significant volume of mobile traffic, however this was slightly lower at 34.84%.


Breaking this down by day, mobile traffic peaked on Boxing Day with 39.35% of traffic originating from a mobile device. Christmas Day was slightly lower at 37.33%.


We typically see mobile activity peak at weekends but Christmas Day and Boxing Day topped all previous peaks that we have seen in terms of mobile traffic throughout the year.



Traffic Breakdown by Device Type


We can break down the click data further to see the device types that make up this share of traffic.


December saw traffic through smartphones and tablets both increase as we witnessed a mobile Christmas. Smartphone traffic breached the 15% mark for the first time with a 15.15% share while tablet was just behind with 14.82% of traffic.


Week commencing 22nd December saw traffic through smartphones peak at 16.44% while tablet traffic peaked the following week with a 17.13% share.


Breaking this down by day, 17.6% of traffic on Boxing Day originated from a smartphone while Christmas Day was slightly lower at 17.24%. Tablet saw a 19.23% share of traffic on Boxing Day while traffic on Christmas Day stood at 17.55%.


Reporting on the performance of individual devices can be seen in greater detail throughout this document.


Mobile vs. Non Mobile Sales


As with traffic, we saw an increase in our share of sales through mobile in December – again pointing to a mobile Christmas that was widely predicted. 27.09% of sales originated from a mobile device in December.


Week commencing 22nd December saw mobile sales peak at 31.33% indicating a strong performance over Christmas.


This is something that is highlighted further when we break down sales by day. As with traffic, the share of mobile sales peaked on Boxing Day (33.54%) with Christmas Day just behind (33.19%). With a significant volume of mobile devices reported as being given as presents, it is not surprise to see a strong mobile performance over this period.


Christmas Day and Boxing Day both outperformed each weekend and we have typically seen mobile activity peak at weekends.


Over the next few pages of this document, the devices driving these sales trends are looked at in more detail.


Click in the link below to have access to the white paper with the research:

White paper 

About the author

Matt Swan is Client Strategist at Affiliate Window. He works with advertisers to offer strategic advice to optimise campaigns. He also contributes to new business pitches and is an active member of the IAB AMC. Matt is a regular guest blogger on E-Consultancy and the A4U amongst other titles.

Part of the zanox Group, Affiliate Window is a global performance marketing network with offices in the UK & US. We develop proprietary technology to assist the performance of both advertisers and publishers. Our platform features social-style dashboards and the industry’s only comprehensive partner directory, allowing users to search and connect with each other in a seamless manner.

Affiliate Window is dedicated to the growth and development of the performance market place, helping to ensure that performance marketing becomes a key part of the marketing activities of our advertisers. We recognise the importance of generating incremental value for our advertisers, while ensuring our publishers have the best possible tools and services to succeed.


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