Trends 2014: Digital marketing, social media, mobile apps, videos etc.

By Tom Lloyd

Like the few years before we’ve also seen the movement toward so called ‘flat design’, Google being seen as a key contributor. This trend was compounded by the release of Apple’s iOS7 the first major redesign of their mobile operating system since its release, which removed the use of realism in exchange for brightly coloured gradients and clean typography.

The biggest challenge for 2013 from a web design point of view has most certainly been the growth of responsive web design and how it’s changing the way, not only people use websites, but also how they’re made. The movement toward mobile usage is clear to anyone who looks at analytics. Creating websites and content which is suited to mobile consumption will be an ongoing challenge for designers, clients, writers and editors alike.

Web design predictions for 2014

The web moves at such a pace that it’s difficult to predict ‘what’s next’. However, I think we’ll see a continuation of a ‘content first’ approach. Actually I don’t think there’s any going back from focusing on content over anything else. We’ll certainly see the domination of mobile browsing, and with that I think there will be a movement toward thinking of a website, not as something you look at in the office or at your desk, but as a tool or live feed you can use anywhere at any time.

I also think we’ll be seeing a lot more focus on telling stories online to help sell products and services, as well as communicate and educate. As the world around us becomes busier, and more saturated with information, we need more engaging methods of connecting with our audiences. There’s a shift towards that happening right now, and I think it’ll only become more apparent in the next 12 months.

About the author

Tom Lloyd is Creative Director of Bluegg, a Cardiff-based digital and creative company since 2002. 


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