Marketing & Technology trend predictions 2014

 By John Elkaim

The Future of Bitcoins

Bitcoin is an experimental online currency that has been garnering much media attention recently. New ways to use bitcoin are starting to be explored, such as its use by a start-up called BitWall to have users pay for article access with bitcoins, or by tweeting the article out. While the currency has also come under scrutiny for being used in the Silk Road, a “digital black market," 2014 could see the currency gain substantial adoption – which will likely yield regulation by government bodies.

The Internet of Things

We’ll see some very interesting developments with the Internet of Things in the coming year. More and more of our devices are becoming connected – from our activity trackers (Nike Fuelband), to our cars, to our thermostats and even our toothbrushes – and with this new web of devices, will arise the need for them to talk to each other. In 2014, we’ll start to see these devices really communicate and interact, creating an unprecedented level of personalization for consumers. This will be enabled by one key concept; identity.

By allowing consumers to "log in" to these devices with the identities they already use (from networks like Facebook and Google), these devices will be able to communicate and automatically personalize essential daily activities. For example, imagine the following: You log into your Nike Fuelband via your Facebook ID and tell the device that you’re going for a 5 kilometre run. At the 4 kilometre mark, your Fuelband automatically tells your Nest thermostat (which you are also logged into via Facebook) that you are nearly home, and the thermostat begins cooling your home so that when you come back from your run, your apartment is the perfect temperature to help you cool down. It may sound like a distant futuristic concept, but by making identity the connective tissue between devices, it’s actually very possible that this could happen much sooner than we think.”

About the author

As Vice President of Marketing, John Elkaim is responsible for Gigya’s marketing and communication initiatives, including advertising, direct online and offline marketing programs, PR and branding campaigns. John has over 11 years of marketing product management and consumer brand marketing experience, with a proven track record of driving sales and profit growth. Prior to joining Gigya, John served as Sr. Director of Global Online Marketing for Saba Software, where he oversaw digital marketing. John has also held senior management positions with leading consumer brands, such as, Seagate, Intuit and John holds a graduate degree in marketing and statistics from Istec Business School, Paris.

Gigya’s Connected Consumer Management Suite enables the world’s largest brands, including Pepsi, Verizon and ABC to understand and connect more closely with today’s mobile and socially connected consumers. Our technology helps businesses access, consolidate and manage permission-based identity and behavior data, while providing deep customer insights that turn data into action.

Through products like Social Login, Registration-as-a-Service, Social Plugins and Gamification, Gigya provides clients with the rich data, intelligence, and tools needed to reach consumers with the right messages, on the right platforms at the right time. Gigya drives user acquisition and engagement for 700 enterprises and reaches 1.5 billion unique users per month, ensuring that today’s businesses stay relevant in the age of the connected consumer.

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