Advantageous technologies in advertising: Predictions for 2014

By Anton Ruin

Of course, a range of well-known solutions, e.g. the innovative technology, allowing advertisers to mix video ad content with other formats and stream it across devices with no damage to the quality of displayed ads, will sustain their importance worldwide. However, some of the fresh or just recently introduced cutting-edge technologies will also become essential for companies’ success.

According to the conducted surveys, the upgrade of mobile targeting options and the development of mobile RTB are likely to be the primary aspects in the advertising niche of 2014, driven and fueled by technology. In particular, some of mentioned ad tech engines include location-based solutions like iBeacon, advertising effectiveness measurement tools and predictive modeling software.

Location-based technologies

The introduced iBeacon technology, as the analysts explain, expands mobile advertising opportunities to an incredible extent, as it enables the receipt of more granular location data and its further usage in targeting mobile customers via sending personalized marketing/advertising messages to them.

As long as people download and install a certain branded application, it becomes possible to engage them via user-tailored messages (e.g. personal discounts on goods, similar to previous purchases, etc.) when they are located near, or inside the store, for example.

Ad effectiveness measurement

Undoubtedly, even the most interactive and engaging campaigns are never as profitable as they could be, if a company does not measure their effectiveness properly. This rule will remain crucial in 2014, and the advertisers are likely to pay more attention to the evaluation of mobile ad efficiency.

Since the ad effectiveness measurement on mobile has always been quite a challenge for businesses, the experts expect that a variety of innovative engines, aimed at simplifying marketers’ lives, will appear next year: e.g. the better mobile lead-gen and lead-scoring software and the more sophisticated algorithms of revenue measurement, etc.

Development of Mobile RTB

The concept of RTB on mobile has not become common in the international advertising industry yet, but many analysts predict it might become the real hit in 2014, much due to the launch of innovative technologies, enabling to collect and analyze precise audience data.

Working via RTB on mobile, as it is claimed, allows advertisers to buy the most top-value audience and maximize the efficiency of their mobile ad campaigns, whereas the publishers get an opportunity to monetize their most specific traffic segments easily.

The researchers also foresee that the predictive modeling software will become more popular on the market, since it enables businesses to compose the top-value audience image, determine the most profitable ad spots in advance and optimize their ad budgets accordingly.

About the author

Anton Ruin is CEO of Epom.

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