Black Friday/Cyber Monday white paper

By Matt Swan

In the build up to the busy Christmas trading period, there are typically two days that stand out in the online calendar – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday is a US phenomenon that has traversed the Atlantic and is now a feature within the UK retail landscape.

Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving and is followed by Cyber Monday – the Monday that falls after Black Friday. In the UK, we refer to Cyber Monday as the first Monday in December (thus the two days don’t always coincide). This year, Cyber Monday fell on the same day both in US and UK terms.

With the anticipation (and retailers’ hopes) of these two dates increasing each year, commentators are keen to put forward their predictions for this period. Indeed, you may have seen our own predictions covered here:  

Working with a significant number of the leading retailers within the UK as well as hundreds of smaller, niche suppliers, we have analysed our data to understand how purchasing habits have evolved over this period.

In this white paper (attached), we look at predictions being made before analysing our own data to determine the impact of these events and whether the calculations (our own included), turned out to be correct.

With mobile commerce showing no signs of slowing down, we also investigate the role this has played over this period.

As well as looking at the trends across the network as a whole and comparing this to 2012, we also consider how advertiser promotions influenced these sales trends and how certain publishers performed.



As ever, there were a number of forecasts on what Black Friday and Cyber Monday had in store for us. Experian made a number of predictions, stating Cyber Monday (2nd December) would be the biggest shopping day pre-Christmas, although they suggested the following Monday could eclipse it.

A post on Marketing Magazine discussed Black Friday arriving in the UK and asked if it was just a marketing gimmick or a retailing revolution.

Money Wise also reported Cyber Monday was set to be the largest online trading day with the number of promotions advertisers would be running for one day only. They also shared insight from Visa who predicted 2nd December would be the largest online shopping day ever experienced.

With so many predictions floating about, we were keen to see how this period panned out across our network, using millions of interactions drawn from the activity of thousands of retailers and publishers. 

Download the white paper here.

Download the whole infographic here


About the author and Affiliate Window

Matt Swan is Client Strategist at Affiliate Window.

Affiliate Window is the UK’s largest affiliate network, delivering performance marketing campaigns for half of the UK’s largest brands. Consistently acknowledged as the affiliates’ choice of network we seek to offer ethical, transparent and incremental sales for our clients.

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