Mobile vision of 2014: Outlooks & forecasts

By Anton Ruin

Now that the year is almost over, the experts have come up with their outlooks on what the mobile realities in 2014 are going to be like and which aspects an effective approach to mobile will definitely include. In this respect, the common key point is that the mobile market segment can substantially increase a company’s revenue in 2014 and, thus, shouldn’t be perceived as the secondary one.

In fact, most analysts foresee the further growth and maturation of the mobile sector, so the companies will have to accept its influence on business development and rearrange the outdated marketing strategies, with the niche being included in the multi-channel context.

Rebuilding mobile consumers’ image

Mobile is changing consumers’ behavior and preferences very fast, thus, rebuilding their complex image will become vital for businesses in 2014. This should be composed of somewhat common characteristics along with a range of specific preferences, usually indicated though various surveys and cross-channel analyses. Apparently, marketers will need to apply a more complex approach to collecting mobile audience data, including location, personal and global social interactions, billing information, etc.

Additionally, the experts agree that in 2014 an average mobile consumer will surf the Web via mobile devices in 92% of cases and usually work on several of them simultaneously. Since the paste of life is only speeding up with time, the foreseen core customers’ needs will concern mobile webpage availability, its page load speed and the high-quality site display across various device models, in the first place.

Generating top-quality leads on mobile

Most analysts admit that mobile lead generation will only increase its essentiality next year, whereas the lead-gen space in the sector is likely to become even more flexible, than it is right now. However, many of them forecast that engaging potential mobile customers with unique, brief, shareable and educating/entertaining interactive content will be potentially effective in 2014, and mobile video is generally considered one of best engines to apply.

In spite of lead scoring and measurement of effectiveness being as important in 2014 as they are now, the marketers will also develop and apply a range of brand-new measurement techniques, enabling to estimate content quality and context in addition to audience reach and demand generation rates more precisely.

Repurposing mobile ad campaigns

The analysts estimate that mobile advertising revenues worldwide will ascend further and reach up to $6 – 7B in 2014. Nonetheless, the companies will face more challenges in launching effective mobile ad campaigns, e.g. a need to repurpose mobile ad messages and re-optimize them accordingly to reach more high-value audience and maximize ad revenue, as a result.

Most experts forecast that cross-screen rich media ads and mixed campaigns (e.g. custom rich media + video) will be the most beneficial ones in the mobile niche in 2014. Geotargeting will remain perhaps the most advantageous mobile targeting option, especially if combined with other ones, like device vendor, carrier, mobile browser targeting, etc.

Naturally, ad relevancy, interactivity and its ability to appeal to viewers’ needs, desires and interests will remain indispensable for efficient mobile ad campaigns.

In a whole, the mobile sector will, surely, develop and grow further in 2014. Even though some of the major trends and demands in it will evolve from the current ones, the companies’ flexibility, especially in their mobile marketing and advertising strategies, will be a decisive factor in its success.

About the author

Anton Ruin is Epom’s CEO.  

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