Make your Twitter work for you is Twitter working for you and not the other way around?

By Javier Burón

The land of opportunity

For those of you who are not already tweeting, Twitter is a global real-time communications platform that allows users to send messages of up to 140 characters inclusive of links, images and videos. With over 200 million users tweeting half a billion times each day, Twitter has become an important marketing channel. As such, more and more businesses are adopting social media tools to help them to engage directly with existing and potential customers.

When weighing up the value of Twitter for business, the figures speak for themselves. Over 40% of users say that they use the platform to follow brands and companies they are interested in, and 67% of those users profess to being more likely to purchase from brands that they follow. This loyalty means that there is huge potential for businesses, large and small alike, to expand and nurture their customer base by managing their Twitter strategies effectively.

As support for Twitter increases from both the consumer and business perspectives, it is imperative that brands recognise the need to integrate it into their communications arsenal, developing and implementing realistic and measurable strategies for engagement.

Being good… and knowing it

Offering a range of filters and analytical tools, the SocialBro application aims to enable Twitter as a strategic marketing channel for businesses looking to tactically employ social media to reach out to their customers.

Advanced filters allow users to search according to influence, as well as other categories such as industry, location or gender. Using SocialBro to segment the Twitter community in this way, brands can start building relationships with the most worthwhile users and create targeted and compelling messaging that will engage and interest their followers.

In larger organisations, this information can be exported into 3rd party CRM applications Salesforce and Nimble for further use by the sales, customer support or the communications department.

The same filters can be applied to generate a Best Time to Tweet report. Having identified the audience for a campaign, SocialBro supplies data about when target users are online. Tweets can be planned accordingly so that they are sent at time when the most followers are active on the network, thus improving the likelihood of being seen.

The effectiveness of these efforts is measurable through numerous analytical tools. By being able to track the number of shares, click-throughs and the potential reach of each update, brands can build a picture of how their content performs in the wild and optimise future tweets.

As marketers face increasing pressure to leverage social media and demonstrate return on investment, SocialBro’s winning combination of market-leading intelligence and detailed measurement makes it the ideal foundation for planning strategic and effective Twitter campaigns.

 About the author

Javier Burón, co-founder and CEO of acclaimed Twitter management and analytic web tool SocialBro, is no stranger to the world of social applications. Before launching SocialBro in April 2011, Burón and fellow co-founders developed a number of successful apps including

Through the development of a search engine for Twitter and a series of different projects from online shopping to individual ventures, SocialBro was born. SocialBro provides a synergy between the communications and sales channels for a business using Twitter as a strategic marketing channel.

The application is an amalgamation of the analytical tools developed for businesses using Twitter as a communication channel. SocialBro combines the key features of Burón’s previous tools, it is a constantly expanding collection of the teams simple, yet effective ideas in one application.  



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