Mobile ads to ascend in 2014: Major tendencies

By Anton Ruin

Undoubtedly, the growth of mobile ad sector within the past 2 years is absolutely impressive. With the total value of mobile traffic having already increased for almost 10 times, mobile advertising opportunities have come into focus in all spheres of the market, including those where mobile ads weren’t considered very essential at least 2 – 3 years ago.

Beheading the fresh holiday season, world’s experts have already outlined several major mobile ad trends that are likely to rule in 2014, many of which were widely discussed during the latest IAB MIXX Conference in NYC. The majority of foreseen tendencies are rather similar to already governing ones with a few slight differences influenced by audience’s changing demands.


Similar to 2013 the most promising segments and categories in mobile advertising of 2014 are forecasted as entertainment and gaming. The latter has gotten to the top of customers’ ratings; mostly due to the growing popularity of social games and the recent increase of mobile in-game purchases (e.g. up to 44% of gamers in the US stated they had made in-game purchases in Q2, 2013).

In this respect, the further development of mobile video ad solutions will, undoubtedly, allow marketers to benefit from gaming and entertainment ad campaigns even more next year.


The fast ascent of mobile advertising is currently displayed all over the world and the experts’ forecasts for the next year are also exceptionally promising. In this respect, the amount of mobile ad spending in US and Canada is expected to increase up to about $12B in 2014, and South American regions are likely to spend much more on mobile ad campaigns as well (approximately $279,8M).

As for Central and Eastern European countries, the Russian Federation remains on top in its mobile advertising. The total amount of mobile ad spending in this part of the world is expected to grow for another 2, 5% in 2014 and reach the estimated $273,2M.

Ad Formats

As mentioned above, mobile video ads are foreseen to become the top-1 ad format in 2014 along with the complex ad campaigns that constitute a wide range of rich media & video ad content. The latter have become widely-applied in advertising campaigns this year, including ads for the holiday season as well and will apparently remain equally or even more popular next year.

The most engaging mobile rich media format is considered to be IAB Rising Stars, which has already proven to show the average 98, 4% audience responsiveness. Naturally, these are expected to be widely-used by companies, interested in maximizing the effectiveness of their mobile ad campaigns.

Devices & OS’s

Similar to 2013 trends iOS mobile devices (iPhones & iPads) will remain at the top regarding monetization possibilities in 2014, especially given the recent introduction of brand-new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C models.

As for Android mobile devices, the surveys show the increase of their market share up to 31% of the global market; which is why mobile ad campaigns on Android smartphones and tablets are also potentially advantageous to launch.

Tablets will remain hotter for mobile marketers, much due to the larger device size, in the first place. Additionally, these happen to provide better user experience, since the page content (images and video) is loaded relatively faster.

About the author

Anton Ruin is Epom’s CEO.


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