Consumers call for better phone signal rather than improved data coverage

By Wayne St. Amand

Crimson Hexagon’s patented ForSight social media analysis platform analysed a total of 35, 036 and Facebook and Twitter posts between July 2013 and September 2013 mentioning 4G in the UK and revealed the following results:

Conversations surrounding Telefonica-owned O2 generated a total of 4,496 social media posts

13% are positive:

• 11% express excitement to get a 4G upgrade from O2

• 2% of posts discuss plans to switch to O2 from other providers

26% of discussions around O2 and 4G are negative:

• 17% of conversations are device specific complaints such as users complaining that 4G is not available on the iPhone 5

• 5%of posts reveal that O2 should correct problems with 3G data before implementing 4G

• 4% of online conversations express frustration over O2’s 4G coverage saying that is poor/ limited and that they would rather have a better phone reception

61% of conversations are neutral in nature:

• 16% post questions about O2 and 4G

• 45% general discuss the next-generation data service

EE generated the largest post volume with a total of 29,336 Twitter and Facebook mentions:

18% of discussions around EE are positive:

• 10% of comments reveal users are experiencing good speeds and performance

• 9% of online social media users discussing 4G say they already have got 4G and love it

35% of 4G discussions mentioning EE are negative:

• 18% discuss its general poor performance

• 10% of social media users with 4G say they have poor coverage or none at all

• 4%of those discussing coverage say they feel forced into 4G because they already experience a poor 3G signal

• 2% mention that they run out of data allowance faster on 4G

• 2% of posts reveal that users say better phone signals are more important than data coverage

46% of the conversation around EE and 4G is neutral in nature:

• 29% general discussions about 4G

• 18% specific questions

Vodafone generated the smallest volume of posts, pulling in 2,209 Twitter and Facebook mentions

17% of the 4G conversations that mention Vodafone are positive:

• 8% of users express excited to upgrade and get 4G

• 9% of posts mention they are enticed by Spotify or Sky Sports deal

21% of 4G discussions on social media that mention Vodafone are negative

• 6% of posts reveal social media users say the company should fix its 3G issues first

• 4% of those discussing Vodafone and 4G are calling for better phone signal rather than improved data quality

• 8% complain that 4G is not available on iPhone 5

• 4% of posts mention that 4G coverage is poor and only available in limited locations

61% of Vodafone conversations are neutral

• 32% of these conversations relate to confusion or specific questions

• 30% are general mentions of 4G

About the author

Wayne St. Amand is a veteran marketing leader with a track record of significantly accelerating the growth trajectory and valuation of technology businesses. At Crimson Hexagon, St. Amand is responsible for driving business expansion through the company’s global corporate and product marketing efforts.

About Crimson Hexagon

Crimson Hexagon, founded in 2007, is the leading provider of analysis software that delivers business intelligence from social media data for global corporations. Fast Company named Crimson Hexagon one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies on the Web. Powered by patented technology developed at Harvard University’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science, the Crimson Hexagon ForSight platform delivers the industry’s most comprehensive big data analysis capabilities for a variety of large-scale data sources. Clients include Microsoft, Paramount Pictures, Starbucks, Simon & Schuster, Twitter, and many more. For more information go to:  or read the Crimson Hexagon Social Media Monitoring and Analysis blog:

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