Innovative ad formats to check

By Anton Ruin

As for ad formats, these have evolved to a considerable extent as well: even though standard banners remain widely-used, the focus has shifted to more innovative ones that are more interactive, engaging and, obviously, more profitable.

Rich media: Innovation vs. customization

Undoubtedly, rich media ads have earned leadership worldwide and can be definitely called a true hit. At the same time, these continue evolving further, with the newly-introduced formats being as efficient for the overall campaign performance, as no one could even imagine at least a few years ago.

Among the vast array of available rich media variations, the most demanded ones represent a combination of video and graphics, composing a complex interactive ad unit. The most popular formats of such kind include Companion Ads, in the first place, and numerous customized formats, usually developed on clients’ request.

In this respect, customization can be now named among the most essential benefits as the unique rich media can help the company maximize its ad effectiveness. The specifically designed ads will, undoubtedly, increase audience responsiveness, and that’s what every business is searching for.

New trends: In-text ads

Even though in-text ads remain underestimated by some companies, the format has already proven its usability and efficiency. Being a true embodiment of what experts usually call an indispensable component of cost-effective ad campaigns, in-text ads presuppose one essential advantage, even if compared to highly interactive rich media: these turn out to be much less annoying and distracting for customers.

Additionally, in-text ads appear to provide substantial relevancy and high visibility, which is why are currently demanded by advertisers. The increased demand has already forced a lot of ad networks in the industry to add the format to their list of offers.

More benefits in footer bar ads

Even though it’s generally stated that ad visibility gets maximum in the upper part of a site page, marketers have already thought over possible ways to earn from footer ad spots as well. The relative ad formats are aimed at being exceptionally interactive for viewers and usually include social buttons, adding possibilities for further ad content sharing.

About the author

Anton Ruin is Epom’s CEO.  

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