Making sense of measurement: Interview with MeasureFest founder, Kelvin Newman

By Chris Lee

Kelvin Newman, founder of successful search marketing conference BrightonSEO and the Content Marketing Show, has now added MeasureFest – aimed at analytics, measurement and conversion rate optimisation (CRO) – to the conference agenda.

Under Newman’s guidance, BrightonSEO has grown from a handful of search marketers meeting in a pub to a two-day conference attended by thousands of visitors from across the world.

NMK met Newman to find out what show visitors can expect of his latest project, MeasureFest.

Briefly introduce us to MeasureFest

MeasureFest is something new in the conference space, pretty much every area of marketing is getting better at measurement of success and failure but there wasn’t really an event that delved into the detail, there’s some great geeky meet-ups and world-touring analytics events but none that really covered this emerging area. If you’re interested in web analytics, conversion rate optimisation, usability or even business intelligence we hope the event will be really up your street.

What was the inspiration for MeasureFest?

With a lot of our ideas we try things out see what works and rapidly expand them. At the last BrightonSEO we programmed four talks about measurement back-to-back and they were a huge hit, we thought we could probably make a whole day like that work. For us it’s not rocket science, we really like the idea of a single day event that’s free to attend that covers one very particular topic in depth. It’s worked well for us in SEO (search engine optimisation) and content marketing, we hope it’ll do equally well in measurement and some of the other areas we’re looking into.

How will it differ from BrightonSEO or the Content Marketing Show?

There’ll certainly be an overlap in audiences, lots of people in search and content are seriously interested in measurement, but not really in content; we’re really going to detail, my ambition is for it to be the most practical way to spend a day to learn about CRO and analytics.

I don’t want it to cover topics like why you should carry out multi-variant tests, I want the talks to go into detail about how to design those tests, what to test and what other people have learned that can save you time by implementing. If we achieve that I reckon we’ll have a great event on our hands.

Who will appear this year?

We’re still working on the line-up as we speak but we’re 75 per cent there, but still on the lookout for exceptional speakers.

MeasureFest will be held in Russell Square, London, on 17 October 2013.

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