Businesses are standing in a crowded room when it comes to visual marketing

By Roy Kimani

You’re in a crowded room, you know a few people but they’re all talking to someone else. You go over to say hi, but they’re deep in conversation and it looks hard to get a word in let alone start a conversation.

Businesses go through this ritual every day when it comes to getting noticed. So many businesses fail to attract their target audience because their strategy is confused and lacks relevance to the people they’re trying to speak to.

Take YouTube for example. A staggering 72 minutes of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, worldwide, meaning that uploading your business or marketing video to the world’s most popular video platform, which so many businesses do, is both time-wasting and ineffective. If your video appears next to videos of how to unlock the next level of Call of Duty, for instance, you’ve completely missed your target and your video now lacks credibility.

Trust is the most important aspect of any business. If you lack credibility, you lack trust and the knock-on effects can be very destructive. In an environment saturated with different social media platforms, it’s important to get the right message across on the right platform, to the right people.

The use of video in a business’ marketing strategy has been increasing at a phenomenal rate, but there is still strong evidence to suggest that the strategy is there but the execution in terms of choosing the right hosting platform is seriously lacking.

A study from Social Media Examiner, released this month, shows that a worrying 69 per cent of marketers are planning on increasing their YouTube marketing, but this is down seven per cent from last year, indicating that marketers are perhaps looking to explore alternative options to promote their brand via video channels.

The other problem with platforms such as YouTube is that the delivery is often flawed. Viewers are easily distracted, so a video that takes ages to buffer will result in the viewer clicking on another link and your business potentially losing a customer.

For a business to coherently get its message across, they need to upload videos that can be viewed in any environment. The modern viewer is no longer sitting behind a desk with their internet running from a phone line; they are on the move and need to be able to stream videos from every device and in areas where the internet connection can vary.

The uptake of 4G in the UK will mean that viewers can watch videos with very limited buffering time and the amount of data they can consume will increase. Businesses should be looking at video marketing options that are not only flawless in their delivery but are also brought to the viewer in the highest possible quality.

It’s a difficult time for businesses that are trying to use different channels to promote their company image, but following the crowd can be a dangerous ploy. YouTube offers a great deal in terms of entertainment, but offers very little when it comes to marketing your business.

The danger for businesses that use YouTube to market their brand is that they are lost in a sea of millions of other businesses attempting the same impossible feat.

About the author

Roy is the co-founder and CEO of nideo, the online video platform for businesses.

Roy came to the UK from Kenya to attend the University of Creative Arts (Rochester), completing a degree in product design, and would have gone back, but decided to develop his entrepreneurial skills by setting up Figitbox; an online video platform where students could cultivate and share creative ideas.

Roy used his creative background further to establish nideo in 2012 with James Hakesley, having seen a gap in the market for a bespoke platform that businesses could use to engage with their online communities.

Roy’s role at nideo is to manage the running of the company as well as maintaining the overarching vision; to offer a video platform that businesses can use to communicate with like-minded viewers.

About the company

nideo is the only online destination for your business videos. Whether you are a large corporate or an SME, you can publish your videos in nideo’s clutter-free environment, designed specifically with businesses in mind. The SmartPlayer reacts to the bandwidth of the viewer as well as the browser and device format providing a seamless experience in HD quality.

Founded in 2012 by two young entrepreneurs, James Hakesley and Roy Kimani, nideo provides the ideal environment for businesses to communicate more effectively and target viewers that are relevant to their business.

nideo is based in Maidenhead, for more information visit:

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