Online consumers call for real-time control of marketing communications

By Kevin Joyner

Exclusive consumer research launched today by branding agency Corke Wallis reveals that nearly 90% of people in the UK want to take control of the type and timing of the promotional messages they receive.

An online survey of 300 UK consumers found the overwhelming majority want an alternative to regular targeted promotions that’s more in-sync with their shopping activity. 86% said they would be interested in a service that enables them to request offers for relevant products in real-time. 14% of those who said they would be interested in this kind of service also said they would be willing to pay for it.

The survey goes on to suggest that, despite the best efforts of marketers, ‘big data’ targeted advertising is falling short of its promise. 60% of respondents claim to have received more offers and promotions now (April 2013) than at the same time last year, but almost half (48%) of the same group said that the offers were not relevant to them.

The results also indicate that this brand bombardment is resulting in the exact opposite of the desired effect. Rather than inspiring purchase it is leading to consumers disengaging from their brand relationships. 40% of consumers have unsubscribed from a promotional email list in the last three months.

Brands are bombarding consumers with messages that are based on a best guess and the results are almost always disappointing. A shift has started, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) towards Vendor Relationship Management (VRM), where customers have tools to express their purchasing intentions and manage their own relationships with product vendors. It presents a huge opportunity for businesses that market better, and that properly eliminate waste.

Of the consumers that would be interested in a marketing service that listens, most (60%) feel that a supermarket chain would be best suited to offer it. 12% favour a software and technology services company, 6% a bank or credit card issuer, 6% a charity or not-for-profit, and only 4% favour the Government or a local authority.

The online research was conducted in April, 2013. 300 consumers aged between 18 and 78 took part.

About the author and Corke Wallis

Kevin Joyner is Head of Insight at Corke Wallis.

Established by William Corke (Founder of Top 10 digital agency Harvest Digital) and Michael Wallis (Ex Board Director at Global Branding Agency Wolff Olins), Corke Wallis is a branding agency that helps its clients create and evolve their customer propositions. Working quickly and iteratively, Corke Wallis creates and tests concepts using techniques that new technology has enabled in the past few years. Corke Wallis’ combination of brand strategy, digital strategy and data analytics expertise means they can address today’s communications challenges at the pace consumers are demanding.

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