Anticipation for new Xbox builds — sparking more social media buzz than Galaxy S4 and Facebook ‘phone’ combined


By Catriona Oldershaw

The Xbox has sparked 266,000 comments compared to the Galaxy S4’s 117,000 and the Facebook phone’s 83,000. Synthesio monitored conversations across all social media platforms, forums and the comment sections of newspapers.

The amount of interest in the new console is particularly strong in the US and UK, with 39,547 conversations in the UK and 109,832 in the US, but 1,758 comments were also recorded in China.

However, not all the conversations have been positive, with around 10% expressing negative sentiment towards the prospect of a new console. Many users are also speculating on the name of the new console, with ‘Infinity’ and ‘Durango’ amongst the most popular monikers.

Big product launches always produce a lot of online discussion, but the buzz ahead of this launch is pretty exceptional. We are not surprised that most conversations are taking place in the US and the UK, as both these regions have high amounts of social media engagement. However, what is interesting, is the growing buzz in countries such as Brazil and China. This underlines the growth of a consumer class hungry for new products.

Many of the conversations involve speculation about the name of the new console. By keeping the name under-wraps Microsoft has helped to add to the anticipation.

About the author

Catriona Oldershaw is Managing Director UK of Synthesio.

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