Content marketing more than just a buzzword

By Chris Lee

Online searches for the term “content marketing” have been rising steadily over the last 12 months and, while marketers have always used content to connect with target audiences, in recent years “content marketing” has become something of a catch-all term for the holistic combination of search engine optimisation (SEO), content creation and online public relations.

Following the success of its inaugural event in 2012, the Content Marketing Show is back in London on 31 May at the Institute of Education at Russell Square and its popularity was underlined when free tickets sold out in just 14 minutes. Read here for NMK’s review of the first Content Marketing Show.

The event was spun out of the twice-yearly BrightonSEO conference organised by search marketer Kelvin Newman, so NMK caught up with Newman to learn what show visitors can expect.

Capturing the zeitgeist

“Content marketing is one of the hottest buzzwords in the digital marketing industry at the moment and despite the excessive hype it seems the appetite for content marketing shows no signs of subsiding,” Newman told NMK, a fact he says is illustrated by the “blisteringly quick” sell-out of tickets.

Newman expects more than 1,000 delegates to attend and says the conference is aimed at “the blossoming world of collaboration between online PR, social media marketing, SEO, contract publishing and content strategy.”

The agenda approaches content marketing from a variety of different angles including talks from content strategy experts such as Dan Fielder from Sticky Content on developing an editorial mindset in a non-editorial business, Newman said.

“With a background in traditional publishing including editing VNU and a number of EMAP publications, Dan will really explore the nitty-gritty of what it means for a brand to act as a publisher,” he said. “Continuing the theme of the practicalities of successful content marketing Danny Denhard of will be borrowing some lessons from [Manchester United FC manager] Sir Alex Ferguson to help you build the dream content marketing team and when’s not the right time to start throwing football boots at your team!”

Just what is “content” anyway?

For organisations unsure as to how to implement content strategies, or even how to create engaging content, Newman recommends a keynote from Ben Radford, the product manager behind Projecteo, the tiny projector Instagram subscribers use to share their photos.

“The project was launched on fundraising platform Kickstarter and managed to achieve $88,000-worth of pledges against an original target of $18,000,” Newman explained. “Ben’s going to be talking about the process of launching a product which should provide an interesting way of consider at what point does a product become content?”

Although the Content Marketing Show conference has sold out, Newman said there are still a number of training workshops taking place the day before, which come with tickets to the conference. These include:

The second Content Marketing Show occurs on Friday, 31 May 2013 at the Institute of Education at Russell Square, London. For more details visit

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