The current state of the SEO industry

By Tom Sizer-James

We have seen big changes in the online marketing industry since our 2012 SEO agency survey. We predicted the changes last year, and they’ve come thick and fast… Pandas and Penguins (Panguins) caused seismic shifts in SEO and the move towards ethical tactics has been industry wide. Google penalties have been harsh – the most public of which (the Interflora debacle) received national press coverage.

But how has the search landscape evolved in the last year?

And the data brought some interesting trends to life:

5 agencies now no longer offer SEO as a standalone service

Agencies, on average have 8.5 times more Twitter followers than G+ followers and +1s – despite G+ engagement stats increasing tenfold

Agencies on the whole tweeted a lot less, but had gained lots more followers in 2012 – on average, followers increased by 50%

15% more of the businesses we surveyed now brand themselves specifically as an “agency” , representing a shift away from “consultancy”, “company” and “services”

2 agencies went bust in 2012, 1 was acquired by PWC and 2 underwent a rebrand


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