Defining Social Media Listening Maturity Infographic

By Loic Moisand

See below the Infographic on Social Media Maturity, and in the sequence key information on social media engagement.


North America

The U.S. and Canada are today the most advanced nations when it comes to social media listening and engagement. With a 50% penetration rate of social networks across a population of 350 million people, brands have at hand hundreds of actionable insights coming from millions of conversations.



Brands in Europe have to deal with different adoption rates of social media across countries. For years, the cultural differences and the variety of languages slowed down the deployments of vast social listening programs. Today, leading brands manage to overcome differences by relying on tools offering strong local coverage with advanced geolocation capabilities.



Asia has more people connected to social networks than any other region in the world. They spend a significant amount of time on Western social networks like Facebook or Twitter as well as local sites such as Renren or Tencent Weibo. Despite this, brands in Asia are still at a very early stage of maturity when it comes to social media listening and engagement.


Latin America 

Latin America is catching up very quickly with Europe and North America. An average of 29% of the population are active users of social networks and most brands understand the business opportunities that social media can offer. The number of web users in Latin America continues to grow yearly at a double-digit rate. This growth, however, hides a number of disparities from one country to another. Certain countries like Brazil, Argentina and Mexico have already joined the top 10 consumers of social media worldwide in less than 2 years, while others consume far less.


Middle East

This region is still at the very first stage of listening. Brands and governments are mostly focused on listening to control conversations rather than to improve the customer experience. However, the Arab Spring has significantly raised the popularity of social networking among the youth, who actively use Twitter and Facebook to discuss politics. 2012 saw Facebook users grow by almost a third and 17 million tweets are posted from the region every day. Some brands like Emirates have started to leverage that potential and implement good practices that should serve as examples for the others.


About the author

Loic Moisand, CEO and Co-Founder of Synthesio.

Synthesio builds software for global social media monitoring and analysis. It was founded in Paris in 2006 by Loic Moisand and Thibault Hanin. Synthesio’s software enables businesses to monitor and analyse conversations around their brand or products in more than 50 languages and 140 countries. Synthesio’s clients include Nissan, Microsoft, MTV, BNP Paribas, L’Oreal and Mars and the company has offices in London, Paris, New York and Singapore. The company recently received €1.5 million in funding from Entrepreneur Ventures to support its international expansion. 

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