Popular wallpapers for new PCs and how to get them for free

By Joseph Stark

Gone are the days of a monotonous grey or blue background on your computer screen. Today, you have an endless array of wallpapers and backgrounds—from beautiful floating colors to brilliant space photography. How about calendars, cartoons, and logos?

A new computer, such as a new Ultrabook laptop, deserves to be adorned with your favorite wallpapers and screen savers. Sure, you can just use the wallpaper application that comes with your computer, but wouldn’t it be more fun to have a larger variety?

Choices, Choices, Choices


Image via Flickr by Jaymgz

Google “popular PC wallpapers” and you will receive a slew of choices. You will find pin-up girls, sweeping landscapes, mythical flying creatures, anime, and so much more. With so many options, you’ll be able to change your wallpaper as often as the mood strikes you. Some of the more popular wallpaper categories include:

    • Celebrities – We all like a little star quality on our desktops.

    • Landscapes – These are a great way to imagine far off destinations.

    • Animals and Children – Who doesn’t love cute kids and cuddly puppies?

    • Game Backgrounds – These are very common with the hardcore gamer crowd. • Typography – This is a very popular choice among graphic designers and writers.

    • Animated – Imagine watching fish swimming across your screen or snow falling on your favourite landscapes.

Where to get Wallpaper


Image via Flickr by Luis Viera

Because wallpaper has become so popular, it’s easy to find many sites that will give you access to hundreds of thousands of free wallpaper choices. Check out these sites:

    • 1st Web Designer—This portal has a list of 50 free sites for wallpapers including everything from celebrities, photography, cartoons and much more.

    • Best-Wallpapers.com—This site includes a 3D section for eye-popping selections.

    • The GoFree site has lots of free downloads including animated and 3D wallpapers. The site also has seasonal selections so your computer’s wallpaper will match the seasons.

Make Your Own Wallpaper


Image via Flickr by Ben Woodruff

If you are looking for something a little more individual to your tastes, there are programs and sites that will let you create your own wallpaper. This simple tools let you take a photograph, upload it, add overlays, backgrounds, and more. You then receive a wallpaper that you simply install into your computer’s wallpaper preferences. Simple, and all your own! Here are a few sites that provide free wallpaper-making services:

    • Myxer.com

    • YourOwnWallpaper.com

    • WallpaperMaker.com

Don’t Forget the Phone


Image via Flickr by Debs

You can also dress up your mobile phone with wallpapers and screen savers. You can mix and match with your computer screen for a fun, creative look. Here are some of the most popular sites for finding wallpaper for your phone:

    • Zedge — This site has many categories including seasonal, nature, and entertainment

    • CellMind.com – This site has free ringtones and screen savers, in addition to the large wallpaper selection.

Go out find and have some fun finding the perfect wallpaper for your PC and phone!

About the author

Joseph Stark Jr. is a freelance writer and blogger by day, focusing on technology and web design niches. By night he is a tech junkie, gym member, and avid comic book enthusiast. When he’s not out in his garage modifying his computer, he’s writing for established companies like CopyForByLines.


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