Turning the EU Privacy Directives into best practice for digital marketing

By Anatoly Roytman

Although the knowledge at organisations’ disposal is powerful, it also increases the risk that personal details about individual preferences, habits and behaviour can be lost or misapplied. Finding solutions to these privacy-related issues is one aspect of a more strategic goal: Acquiring and servicing new customers via the digital channel in a way that respects privacy, and at the same time, provides relevant information. The two are not mutually exclusive.

It is the era of ‘relevance’. Consumers want relevant offers online, on the go and at the store. Relevance impacts the entire enterprise and is increasingly required to drive breakthrough business performance. Relevancy and adherence to privacy concerns are intricately related and must be accomplished together.

Taking Action

Organisations can offer customers an outstanding digital experience while simultaneously respecting their privacy rights. Companies need to understand data privacy concerns, risks and requirements and start developing solutions and business processes with privacy built in by design. Here are seven actions organisations can take to minimise the disruption and refocus on the core objective of attracting, acquiring and servicing customers via the digital channel:

    1. Revisit tracking strategy: Assess risks and reduce risk, align objectives.

    2. Re-think visitor acquisition: Seek new opportunities to connect.

    3. Know existing customer behaviour: Focus on doing more with available data.

    4. Enhance site usability: Increase conversions meeting multiple stakeholder requirements.

    5. Ensure multi-device functionality: Ensure sites function regardless of access point.

    6. Get ahead of the legislative curve: Pay attention to worldwide regulation to anticipate change.

    7. Build trust: Look for ways to demonstrate real value so that your customers have compelling reasons to share their information with you and return to your site.

About the author

Anatoly Roytman is Managing Director at Accenture Interactive, EMEA. Anatoly joined Accenture from Sapient where he served as VP, Marketing Strategy and Analysis. Prior to Sapient, Anatoly held digital marketing strategy and technology leadership positions with Sapient, Digitas, Nextera Enterprises, Digital Equipment, and Oracle. Anatoly led large-scale engagements with clients in Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Financial Services, Consumer Packaged Goods and High Tech industries focusing on digital marketing enablement, content management and advertising infrastructure. His client roster includes American Express, Bayer AG, Best Buy, Federal Express, Hartford, GM, IBM, Microsoft, Nestle, Pfizer, P&G and SAP.

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