How the growth of mobile adds impetus to email marketing

By Chris Lee

Mobile digital media consumption could provide email marketers with opportunities to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. That’s the view of Tink Taylor, managing director of email marketing platform dotMailer. The company says that by using mobile optimised responsive design techniques it has seen customers gaining open rates above 50-60 per cent from mobile devices.

However, in the same way many websites are not optimised for the mobile era, so email marketing also needs to adapt to take advantage of the different consumption behaviour of mobile users, Taylor argues.

“Around 15-20 per cent of all email is opened on a mobile device, so there is simply no getting away from the fact that mobile consumption is both a challenge and opportunity for email marketers,” he told < i>NMK.

The mobile opportunity

dotMailer has identified two commonly asked questions that marketers must answer, in Taylor’s view:

“Firstly, what is mobile? This sounds woolly, but you have to consider your recipients’ journey through the day,” he said. “Are we referring to what devices and where recipients are opening and what are the drivers leading them to engage with your content? Secondly, how important is mobile optimised content for email marketers and how do we make our emails responsive?”

Taylor believes that means that at anytime, anywhere, your recipient can open your email, so it must be fit for purpose on any device to stand out from the crowd. Consumer-facing organisations can see mobile open rates as high as 70 per cent from mobile-optimised email campaigns, according to Taylor, and the mobile revolution affects digital marketers across the board.

“It’s not just emails that need to be designed responsively. We heard recently from IAB Engage that 60 per cent of the UK’s top advertisers do not have mobile-optimised websites. For an email campaign this is a real problem, as unless the mobile-optimised experience is continued from the first contact to the point of sale, conversion rates are likely to remain low,” he added.

Optimise for the mobile era

Taylor argues that mobile-optimised responsive design is being used increasingly in both email and web design and need not be complex to implement.

“Responsive design does not involve any separate coding. Everything comes from a single piece of HTML that is simply added to or tweaked to optimise emails, website or web apps for different platforms,” he said. “However, it does require people with the skills to take on the extra coding, as a responsive email will use a more sophisticated HTML.”

With nearly 90 per cent of smartphone users checking emails on their mobiles every day, Taylor said it is essential that the content they are receiving from brands is as easy for them to engage with as possible.

“The mobile revolution has indeed added impetus to the email world,” he concluded. “However, there are still steps for email marketers and web designers to take to truly master mobile campaigns. Responsive design has become a huge part of this.”

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