The Performance Channel Proves Key for Growth of M-Commerce

By Matt Swan

With mobile commerce experiencing considerable growth over the past couple of years, more and more consumers are expected to turn to mobile devices during the most important trading period of the year. Whether consumers are in the research phase or ready to transact, mobile commerce is playing an increasingly important role. It is important that advertisers realise the impact of this and work on a strategy to optimise their mobile activity.


November saw the share of traffic through mobile devices reach 16.29%. This was up on October’s figure of 13.25%. These figures include tablet devices but focusing purely on mobile handsets, this figure stands at 7.76% of all traffic. Consumers have increasingly been turning to mobile devices in the run up to Christmas. This has been to carry out research as well as to transact. It is important that advertisers understand the motivations behind the mobile visit and optimise the customer journey. Are they intending to purchase or is it merely a research visit? If they are searching for directions to the nearest store is there an opportunity to increase the propensity to purchase in store by serving up special offers to redeem once there?

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Sales through mobile devices (including tablets) continued their growth. November saw sales break the 12% barrier for the first time standing at 12.3%. Focusing purely on mobile handsets, 4.64% of sales were generated – up from 4.14% in October. With consumers expected to turn to mobile devices as we get closer to Christmas, we could realistically anticipate sales through mobile handsets to reach 5% in December.

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Conversion Rates

Conversion rates through mobile devices again saw an improvement in November, with mobile traffic peaking at 3.89% – the highest it has been since we started monitoring this data. With more advertisers optimising their mobile experience as well as a growing number of advertisers finally tracking this activity through the affiliate channel, this is a trend that is expected to continue in the coming months.

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Device Trends

The iPad is continuing to dominate mobile. This month we saw the share of sales through the iPad increase to 59% for the year to date. This was at the expense of the iPhone which dropped a percentage point to 24% of this year’s transactions.

The ongoing monitoring of the growth of Android devices vs. the iPhone has once again been a point of interest. Android again demonstrated superior month on month growth with the volume of sales through Android in November up 40.43% on last month’s figure. The iPhone also experienced considerable growth as we get closer to Christmas but at a lower rate of 38.14%. It is important to note though that the gains in Android are due to the increase coming from a smaller base volume.

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It is important for advertisers to understand the devices that their audiences are interacting with. By sharing this information with their publisher base it is possible to target more effectively by device.

One of the major challenges being faced by the affiliate industry is ensuring that mobile tracking is in place on advertiser sites. This is becoming increasingly important with the sheer amount of traffic that is now coming through mobile devices – especially considering that almost 10% of traffic is coming through mobile handsets.

As a network this is a priority for us as we aim to ensure that are affiliates efforts are rewarded accordingly.

About the author Matt Swan is a Client Strategist at leading global affiliate network, Affiliate Window. He works with advertisers to offer strategic advice to optimise campaigns. He also contributes to new business pitches and is an active member of the IAB AMC. Matt is a regular guest blogger on E-Consultancy and the A4U amongst other titles.

About the company

Part of the zanox Group, Affiliate Window is a global performance marketing network with offices in the UK & US.

We develop proprietary technology to assist the performance of both advertisers and publishers. Our platform features social-style dashboards and the industry’s only comprehensive partner directory, allowing users to search and connect with each other in a seamless manner.

Affiliate Window is dedicated to the growth and development of the performance market place, helping to ensure that performance marketing becomes a key part of the marketing activities of our advertisers. We recognise the importance of generating incremental value for our advertisers, while ensuring our publishers have the best possible tools and services to succeed.

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