The changing world of smartphone and tablet devices

By Derek Eccleston

Over the past few years, eDigitalResearch and IMRG have been tracking this changing consumer behaviour across the UK market and documenting emerging trends. As a result, both firms have a wealth of data on the subject and have now produced a mobile and tablet infographic to help retailers better understand their mobile customers.

The infographic clearly shows that shopping and browsing on a tablet device is more popular than from a smartphone; over half (66%) of tablet owners have made a purchase from their device, whilst only 44% have done the same from their smartphone in recent months, although this is hardly surprising given that the main purpose of a tablet is the browse the web and apps. The results also show that more shoppers have purchased larger ticketed items or products with a higher price tag through a tablet device rather than smartphone.

The latest results also show that over half (56%) of UK consumers now own a smartphone, whilst around 1 in 5 (21%) have access to a tablet device. Perhaps as would be expected however, there is a higher percentage of younger consumers who own a smartphone, whilst tablet devices, on average, seem to resonate more with a slightly older audience.

About the author and eDigitalResearch

Derek Eccleston is Head of Research at eDigitalResearch.

eDigitalResearch are insight specialists with an expertise in online and multichannel business. We bring passionate researchers, technical experts and art designers together all under one roof to work with clients and create bespoke insight programmes. eDigitalResearch not only offer unrivalled digital research expertise and insight support, but state-of-the-art technology and innovation that works seamlessly with your systems and data across customer touch points. Our products and services help you to reach your customers no matter how they interact with businesses. Surveys, panels and communities combine to provide holistic insight to give clients the confidence to make critical business decisions.

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