When the business world came round to Apps…

By Adrian Simpson

Last month, myself and a couple of my colleagues attended AppsWorld. This is a key event in the diary for developers, operators, marketers, manufacturers, and technology providers to get together to discuss the key trends affecting the mobile industry – as well as sharing knowledge and best practice.

Thinking back to even just a few years ago an event like AppsWorld looked very different. Although there has been significant ‘hype’ around apps for many years now, it was great to see such a variety and wealth of applications – particularly in the enterprise space.

It seems that the message is really beginning to hit home that although apps are innately user and consumer friendly, they have real potential to transform the way a business operates. Demand is continually growing for mobility within the workplace and IT departments across the UK are considering carefully how this can best be implemented, for maximum efficiency and employee engagement.

I was lucky enough to get involved in some of the panel discussions taking place during the event, with one specifically addressing app usage within the enterprise. Talking points included: which comes first for mobility in the enterprise: IT strategy or business strategy? How are back-end systems adapted? And, how can you measure the return on investment for tablets in the enterprise?

I won’t go into detail about the resulting answers following these opening questions; however, one thing that was apparent was that the conversation around mobility has progressed dramatically in recent months. Businesses are no longer asking whether or not they should make the move into mobility; instead, they are asking how.

Remote working, tablets in the enterprise and mobility are trends which are becoming an inevitable part of business life. Now, it is about ensuring that you have the right software, training and applications to make mobility a feasible reality.

With such a vast array of brands promoting their business applications and solutions at AppsWorld, I left feeling certain that this space will continue to deliver exciting innovations in the years to come. In the midst of the double dip recession it is great to attend an event like this, which showcases the huge amount of innovation and creativity out there in the UK which will help our country – and our enterprises – to grow and flourish moving forward.


For further thoughts from Adrian Simpson on AppsWorld please visit http://ow.ly/ed5TN.

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