Google change will require greater diversity to stay on top, says Mediarun

By Alex Wares

A search system that displays seven results per page would mean that PPC and digital marketing would take on additional importance alongside search engine optimisation (SEO) as opportunity would be reduced. Combine this with the announcement that only paid listings are to be shown within the Google shopping results in the US from this autumn, with Europe and Asia following next year, the need to spend wisely has never been greater.

If the page one results were tapered down then companies splitting their spend across digital marketing, PPC and SEO as part of a coordinated approach, would fare much better in trying to retain first page status than a company that continued to treat these disciplines separately.

In the case of Google shopping companies will have a choice to make, whether to stand the cost of sufficient investment in order to feature in these Google shopping results or to cut their losses with the platform and reinvest the funds in another discipline.

There are many options to be explored when formulating a revised plan but there is no need for companies to start from scratch. For example a company that already employs PPC can use its existing search term data to inform a smarter organic SEO approach. The accurately measurable nature of PPC allows companies to highlight their most successful terms and incorporate them into ongoing organic activity.

The end goal for all companies online is to drive as much traffic as possible, for the most favourable cost, in order to deliver the greatest return on investment. Given that page one accounts for 85 per cent of traffic generated, companies would be wise to incorporate SEO, PPC and digital marketing into an integrated overall approach to limit the risk of dropping from the first page.

About the author and Mediarun

Alex Wares is managing director at Mediarun.

Mediarun helps companies find customers online by focusing on enhancing online visibility, generating leads and improving revenues. Based in central London the company specialises in performance Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) management, Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Mobile marketing, website optimisation and design related services.

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