SEO as easy as ABC for UK businesses…

By Jason Woodford

Leading digital marketing agency SiteVisibility has announced that its unique series of SEO blog posts has been transformed into an eBook and will be sold on Amazon priced £1.99 with all proceeds going to charity. The funds made from the sale of the book, which provides an alphabetical step-by-step guide to SEO for business leaders, directors and CEOs, will be donated to the NSPCC as SiteVisibility aims to raise at least £1600 this year for its chosen charity.

The “ABCs of SEO” series, which was designed to inform and educate readers of the different techniques and tactics within SEO, kicked-off with a blog post on the SiteVisibility website in June 2011 by Digital Marketing Manager Graeme Benstead-Hume. ‘A’ looked at analytics and highlighted the need for businesses to understand the current trends and behaviour of their website visitors. Almost exactly a year later, the ABC series to SEO culminated with ‘Z’ titled ‘The Google Zoo’. This dissected Google and its on-going algorithm updates.

Between them and as part of the ABC Series, SiteVisibility has provided readers with guides on Social Bookmarking, Reputation Management and Online PR. Now readers will have a chance to own their very own conveniently packaged eBook whilst at the same time raising money for a good cause.

The ABC’s of SEO eBook is just one of the ways we help businesses understand and adopt impactful SEO within their marketing mix. With our Internet Marketing Podcast, BrightonSEO and our blog, we’re well known for sharing our knowledge; the ABC’s of SEO guides have already proved popular amongst agency-based and in-house marketers but I also recommend that business owners, CEOs and directors buy the eBook to grasp how SEO can really help their business achieve its objectives. As part of our on-going CSR campaign, all proceeds will be donated to the NSPCC which will make a difference to so many lives.

About the author

Jason Woodford is CEO at SiteVisibility, a leading Integrated Search Marketing agency which also offers Display Advertising and Affiliate Marketing from its offices in Brighton,

London and Birmingham. It promotes clients from a range of sectors including travel; publishing; hotels & hospitality; financial services; gambling; business; sport & leisure and large multi-national brands and companies. SiteVisibility is behind the most popular internet marketing podcast in the English speaking world downloaded by a million people globally as well as organising Brighton SEO which is the UK’s most popular free conference for Search Marketers.

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