Mobile device use in customer research more than doubled in 12 months

By Derek Eccleston

A supporting consumer survey from eDigitalResearch also found that the majority (82%) of those smartphone and tablet owners surveyed are likely to take part in surveys from their mobile in the future. Mobile devices are expected to play a growing role in customer insight and it is therefore imperative that brands and agencies work together to create a seamless and robust mobile optimised insight strategy.

Through our device detection technology, we were already seeing a growing number of people accessing our surveys from their mobile devices and therefore decided to take a deeper look at the preferences and expectations of mobile respondents. Our research found that, like mobile shoppers, mobile respondents rate functionality over layout and design, and prefer pages that load quickly rather than look appealing.

Deeper analysis of the results show that, like a retailer’s mCommerce strategy, researchers need to ensure that customer insight programmes are available and suitably optimised through a variety of channels to allow respondents to complete surveys when and where they want to, including out of the home and on their mobile.

Worryingly, the research also found that several consumers are struggling to complete research that relies on their mobile device supporting third party software, such as Flash Player. 15% of respondents specifically stated that they had been left frustrated in the past when coming across a survey that would not allow them to take part because they didn’t have certain plug-ins installed.

All of eDigitalResearch’s surveys are W3C AAA compliant, meaning that they do not rely on various pieces of software to run seamlessly across various platforms. Whilst the introduction of HTML5 will eventually negate the issue of Flash Player, agencies need to be aware that more and more smartphone and tablet users are likely to be accessing survey’s from various platforms and therefore need to accommodate certain restrictions and limitations within their overall mobile strategy.

For a copy of the full results and white paper, please complete the following short registration survey Alternatively, please sign up or log into the online benchmark resource or the eDigitalResearch website for access to this report as well as past studies.

About the author and eDigitalResearch

Derek Eccleston is Head of Research at eDigitalResearch. eDigitalResearch are insight specialists with an expertise in online and multichannel business. We bring passionate researchers, technical experts and art designers together all under one roof to work with clients and create bespoke insight programmes. eDigitalResearch not only offer unrivalled digital research expertise and insight support, but state-of-the-art technology and innovation that works seamlessly with your systems and data across customer touch points. Our products and services help you to reach your customers no matter how they interact with businesses.

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