The benefits of video research to bring international markets to life

By Charlotte De Maria

Leading world news provider, CNN, commissioned video research in the UK, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil and Mexico to illustrate consumer attitudes towards luxury goods and electronics brands. The videos are being used proactively by the CNN ad sales team and are soon to be uploaded to a bespoke client intranet portal. Senior Vice President of CNN, Didier Mormesse, supports the use of video to bring their consumers from international markets to life:

“It is one way of humanising the people who are our consumers, it adds colour to that international aspect because it shows coherence, and the homogeneity of our consumer groups. It also complements formal feedback from our sales team.”

Another company who used video research on an international scale was a leading Smartphone technology provider. They produced segmentation videos in 4 international markets (UK, China, Germany and USA) and the videos are being used to inform and bring each consumer segment to life, all accessible via a bespoke company intranet portal.

Additionally, chartered accountants and business advisors, KPMG, used video to support their research study called ‘The Consumer and Convergence Programme’. The study focused on consumers’ access to information and service on PCs and mobile phones and how this impacted consumer behaviour. The final video supported the report findings and is currently being hosted on their website:

The benefits of using video to bring international markets to life:

    • It helps companies get closer to consumers from around the globe in a cost effective but personal way.

    • It is more powerful to see these people on film to truly understand how and where people live, and their cultural and ethical differences.

    • Brings nationalities and countries to life visually in an impactful way.

    • Conveys cultural and lifestyle similarities and differences whilst cutting across language differences with subtitling, contextual depth and local interpretation.

“Our key objectives were to illustrate and add colour and authenticity to our international markets, so international research is an essential requirement for us because of the nature of projects we do for the markets selected to present to e.g. Latin America and Europe.” Didier Mormesse, Senior Vice President, CNN

Key factors for consideration

The key to running these types of international projects is organisation, planning, having a good network, local knowledge, language experts as well as good video camera ops and editors. There is also the need for local knowledge, an established network of partners, one central point of contact to co-ordinate the project, translation for subtitling purposes and most importantly – a team who are experienced at handling the logistics of large-scale international projects.

About the Author

Charlotte De Maria is the PR and Marketing Manager at Vox Pops International. She is responsible for generating new business leads and writing, marketing and distributing newsworthy insight content on behalf of Vox Pops International, a video communications agency.

About Vox Pops International

With their worldwide network of interviewers and camera ops covering over 30 countries, Vox Pops International has been facilitating the communication of insight internationally to bring worldwide consumers to life for over 20 years. In this time they have built up a global network of experienced interviewers, researchers, partners and camera operators. Their research experience, combined with their creative production unit, INSPIRE, means that they can create exciting, engaging and professional videos that are used widely throughout an organisation.

For more information, case studies and video examples please visit

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