Collaborative marketing platform Kaboodle promises to “liberate and empower” marketers

By Chris Lee

After two years in development a new cloud-based collaborative platform has launched that aims to help marketers to “plan, track, communicate, collaborate, share and manage campaigns from initial concept to completion”. Kaboodle has been designed to support the way marketing campaigns are structured across integrated channels, with a visible hierarchy structure that encourages clarity and flow, according to its founders.

Kaboodle is the brainchild of Kevin Freedman, who has spent more than 20 years in strategic marketing. NMK caught up with Freedman to learn more about the new service.

Building the business case

The inspiration for Kaboodle came about after it became apparent to Freedman that marketers could not do their job effectively by using management and collaboration tools previously available to them.

“The marketing space has become much more complex in the past ten years but that complexity is not being matched by technologies available to professionals who wrestle daily with multiple media (TV, print, outdoor, online etc.) together with many territories and dispersed teams,” he told NMK. “To be direct, current marketing management and collaboration platforms are not fit-for-purpose in this rapidly evolving world. They were not built for marketers; they are very expensive; they take months to implement; extensive training is needed and they are very difficult to use, because they do not work the way that marketers work.”

Freedman believes that current tools can sometimes be a hindrance, rather than a help simply because they are counter-intuitive, and seek to impose a linear working process – I do this; I finish; you do this, you finish – that bears no relation to how marketers work every day.

“This works fine for data driven email campaign management, but when it comes to the real collaborative, and often most fun part of marketing – namely developing, planning and implementing creative-driven strategic marketing campaigns – the linear enterprise resource planning (ERP)-inspired approach just will not work,” he said. “That means marketing teams and agencies are forced to fall back on the trusty but inefficient and often infuriating email and spreadsheet.”

How Kaboodle differs

Freeman said he had seen a huge disconnection between strategy and planning and what takes place on the ground.

“Marketing planning systems do not follow through to delivery, which has huge implications for any campaign because the granular detail and feedback is being missed,” he added. “Also, there is no clear and precise visibility on marketing campaigns, which does not help high-level management to make informed decisions. A true marketing collaboration platform needs a single environment where campaigns can be managed and tracked while highlighting problems, from over-spending to scheduling delays.”

Conversely, Kaboodle is easy to use, Freedman argued, with no training offered or needed, as well as being flexible and scalable. Marketers can set up campaigns activity reports in minutes and collaborate with anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection.

Kaboodle comes with project planning, campaign hierarchy, centralised documentation, online annotation, search, reporting and review/approval options for users.

“Marketing professionals travel constantly and need to keep their fingers on the pulse all the time, and for this reason Kaboodle is cloud based and works well on tablets and phones as well as on the PC or Mac,” Freedman concluded.

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