Honda 2KC – The Power of Dreams campaign

By Daniella Cross

Traditional display advertising has long been a staple in the online marketer’s toolbox, providing a highly measurable way to target mass audiences. Naturally as technology evolves, so do the ways brands can use digital to capture the attention and imagination of the demographic they are trying to reach.

Tasked with launching the new 2KC Civic model to consumers around Europe, Honda’s marketers wanted to create a more immersive and engaging experience for their target audience.

Rather than simply directing the viewer to a dedicated website or microsite, when a viewer rolled over the ad it expanded to one of a series of promotional Honda 2KC videos with the “The Power of Dreams” branding. One offered the chance to take a 360 degree tour of the car; others took viewers on a journey into the 2KC image gallery or clicked through to the Honda YouTube channel, which acted as the campaign website.

With each video viewed, a collapsing menu bar offered a gateway into the others, while social sharing tools meant that viewers could easily share the content with their Facebook friends, by posting a direct link to their profile page. One element that was unique to the campaign was that the audience was able to view video content within the ad unit and not leave the original site. They could share content from within the ad, engage with the content and then go back to what they were doing on the original site they were browsing.

Honda tapped into SAY Media’s premium network of publishers around Europe to create an effective, targeted and coordinated campaign. Different creative was used in each market to coordinate with local television and print media schedules.

The campaign produced some strong results for Honda, including 383,500 video views and an average viewer engagement time of 22.5 seconds. Of all of the European countries targeted, Italy performed best in terms of the click-to-site rate, at 9.9% and the average click-to-site rate across Europe was 5.3% (which is well above the industry benchmark of 2.77%)

About the author and the company

Daniella Cross is UK Marketing Manager at SAY Media. SAY Media is a digital publishing company that creates amazing media brands. Through its technology platform and media services, SAY enables its portfolio of independent content creators to build passionate communities around key consumer interest areas such as Style, Living, Food and Tech. The company provides simple and accountable ways for the world’s top brands to engage with these passionate audiences, at scale, with a reach of more than 400 million people around the world. For more information visit

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