Google Business Photos – ‘Street View’ for business interiors

By Nicola Williams

Google Business Photos is only slowly filtering into the business consciousness, which will come as a surprise to many as it offers an extra level of competitiveness that is easy to implement.

Google Business Photos is building on the work accomplished by Google Places and Google Street View, enabling surfers on Google to view the inside of shops, leisure and hospitality facilities, providing an interactive look around a business’ premises.

Typically businesses can combine a selection of high quality stills and virtual tour (360 degree) photography to help interested parties better understand the business offering with clients and in so doing improve the user experience.

Google Business Photos enhances the way businesses appear in Google search, Maps and the new Google Local (which has replaced Google Places). The tours principally ‘live’ on Google but can also be added to other HTML5 platforms such as websites and Facebook.

It is perfectly suited for retail, leisure and hospitality although any business or public organisation that uses its premises as part of its client experience can profit from Google Business Photos.

Initially aimed at smaller independent businesses Google Business photos also offer a very attractive marketing opportunity to top hotels, sports facilities and tourist attractions. This interactive photography designed to be part of the search process and viewed in Google Maps, can benefit businesses allowing customers an insight into what’s on offer, attracting more users of their facilities.

About the author

Nicola Williams is a Google Trusted Photographer, she has worked with Hilton Hotels, property developers Urban Splash, the BBC and ITV, Chelsea Flower Show and the NHS.

About the company

360 Spin Virtual Tour Photography allows users to tour property or locations with complete 360 degree vision.

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