User-generated flavour map mash-up to document global tastes


By Adrian Johnson

As well as allowing users to pin meals, recipes, or natural produce they have experienced, attach images and write reviews, there is community voting and the application is fully searchable by location, cuisine, price and description, serving as a worldwide guide for people looking for taste inspiration.

The Flavour Map, which has been launched by UK-based food brand GLORIOUS! as part of the company’s ‘A-Z of Global Flavours’ ethos, will be used by the company to research and develop new flavours for its soups, sauces and stews.

In addition to the web-based application, iPhone and Android apps will allow on-the-go users to geo-pin flavours and images to their current location, while a dedicated Facebook app will allow pinning and searching within the social network.

Leaderboards show most recent flavour pins, the most popular flavours and the most prolific contributors – ad hoc user rewards will also be given.

Matthew Stephenson at GLORIOUS! said: “Our vision for the Flavour Map was to allow a global community to contribute to an entirely user-generated resource of flavours, and to share their amazing food taste experiences from around the globe or around the corner.

“Whether it’s an amazing spice from a food market, an unusual fruit or vegetable from a far-flung location, a dish unique to a particular community, a particular meal in a restaurant through to, say, a friend’s barbeque sauce recipe or their signature home-cooked dish, we want to document it for everyone to share.

“The fundamental aim of the Flavour Map is to inspire as well as re-educate consumers about flavours and savouring their food in what we hope may become a ‘TripAdvisor for taste’.

“As a business, we will use it to inspire our own flavour research and development, maybe even unearth a hidden flavour gem from around the world, and ultimately introduce new soup, sauce and stew product lines.”

Developed with fresh, quality ingredients, the GLORIOUS! range of soups, stews and sauces incorporate bold flavours using authentic recipes and ingredients from around the world.

About the author

Adrian Johnson is MD at Umpf, PR for The GLORIOUS! Flavour Map.

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