Brief exposure: Becky Hogge

In this new series, key figures in new media give a briefexposure of their their digital life. First up, Becky Hogge -writer, producer and IP activist.

Becky Hogge.

Personal website or blog:
Machine Envy.

Day jobs:
Technology Director, openDemocracy; webculture columnist, New Statesman.

How would you describe yourself to the world, afterall we're all more than a job title?
I channel geeks.

Which social networks do you use?
Flickr, and the old boys'network. In order to remain elusive, I try to use a differentsocial calendar every week.

How long have you worked in digital media?
3 years.

Current projects?
This year I've produced chinadialogue – the world's first trulybilingual blog. China is growing fast and, as it grows, it isfaced with urgent environmental challenges. Chinadialogue aimsto promote common understanding, promote direct dialogue and thesearch for solutions to our shared environmentalchallenges.

Now I'm trying to get funding for an openDemocracy-stylewebsite that will bring the intellectual property debate to ageneral audience; and there's the defragging my possessionsproject, mending the broken stuff and eBaying/recycling thestuff I don't need.

What gives you most joy in your dayjob?
The immediacy of the web – as a writer I love getting real timefeedback from readers and as a website producer, I love seeingwho's clicking what, when, where.

What gives you least joy?
Having to defend really simple, successful websites from thedreaded "bells and whistles" urge.

Who is your "must read"blogger?
TechnoLlama – hereads the legal slush so you don't have to.

Which websites do you findindispensable?
Netvibes,, Wikipedia, Whois, Alexa, BBC WorldNews and BBC Radio's Listen Again service.

Do you still do analogue / old media?
Yes, I get the Guardian and Private Eye delivered and I listento Radio 4 on FM.

What distracts you most online?
Trying to find cartoons from my childhood on YouTube.

What's the most useful application or softwarethat you use?
I couldn't live without Firefox and its many-wonderedextensions.

If you could put one application or piece of softwareinto Room 101 what would it be?
Organisational wikis.

If you were Prime Minister for the day, what onepiece of legislation would you change orintroduce?
Stop the renewal of Trident.

What makes you rant or gets your goat?
Two things – 1) the democratic deficit surrounding internationalintellectual property law reform; 2) The way they interviewpeople on the Todayprogramme on Radio 4. I end up shouting at the radio like a madold woman.

What do you think is the next big thing in digitalmedia?
The second dotcom crash.

What's the most annoying piece of jargon used indigital media?
I think that using the word "content" really annoyscreative people (sorry, "content producers"), but mypersonal bugbear is "vlog", justbecause it sounds so weird, especially when Jon Snow on Channel4 News says it.

If you didn't work in this industry, what wouldyou do?
In my dreams – write science fiction novels and grow my ownvegetables; in my nightmares – sell real estate.

Interview by Kathryn Corrick.

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