Channel 4 Dependence On Big Brother

New research highlights Channel 4's dependence on the BigBrother format. Without its ratings from the multi-programmeformat, the channel would have had 9 per cent less share ofall-hours viewing in the year ending 31st August 2006…

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What if there was no Big Brother on Channel 4? What if, instead,there were programmes that performed in-line with the Channel 4average?

The answer is that Channel 4's all-hours share would havegone from 9.70% in the 12 months ending 31st August 2006 to9.25%.

The impact on Channel 4's 16-34 target demographic would beparticularly severe, from 12.83% to 11.63%, a reduction ofnearly 9% in the time spent watching Channel 4 by the 16-34 agegroup.

E4 also shored up by Big Brother properties

The impact is not confined to Channel 4: the brand has formed animportant cornerstone of the E4 schedule right from thechannel’s launch.

In the 12 months ending 31st August 2006, E4 screened 2,060hours of Big Brother and its spin-off shows (Big Brother’sLittle Brother, Big Brother’s Big Mouth, and Celebrity BigBrother).

These hours accounted for a quarter of all viewing to thechannel. The second chart shows the impact of losing Big Brotheron the C4 network (Channel 4 and E4).

Rumours surfaced this summer linking ITV with a bid for BigBrother. The figured from DG&A give some idea of thepotential impact this could have on C4.

Methodology: To identify the contribution of Big Brother and itsspin-off programmes to the C4 Network, David Graham &Associates calculated the C4 and E4 shares of viewing afterremoving all the Big Brother related slots from the schedule,which is conceptually equivalent to assuming that the BigBrother slots only ever achieve the non-Big Brother channelaverages.

About David Graham & Associates Ltd:
David Graham & Associates started life in 1990 as an analystof television audience data (TAM). One of its divisions, DGAMetrics, is the UK’s leading independent supplier of audiencebehaviour data. DGA now employs a highly-qualified team ofanalysts and econometricians and merges proprietary data withstandard industry sources to provide unique value-added service.DGA now has a number of associated companies: including Attention Inc. to launch the AttentionSystem™ and provide a presence in the large US entertainmentmarket. Clients of the associate companies now include most USstudios, the European Commission, television networks inAustralia, the UK and the US, a major advertising agency inJapan and most of the UK’s leading independent producers.

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