Mobile Youth Get More Sophisticated

Enpocket and Harris have jointly produced the Mobile MediaMonitor UK, revealing new levels of sophistication amongstmobile consumers with the majority of 18-34 year olds now usingpicture messaging and the mobile internet…

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Enpocket, the global mobile media company, and HarrisInteractive®, global market research and consulting company,have unveiled the findings from the latest Enpocket Mobile MediaMonitor UK.

The analysis helps marketers and the mobile industry understandthe changing patterns of mobile phone and content usage.

Messaging continutes to rocket on all fronts

The latest findings for Q4 2005 show that 36% of mobile ownersnow use their phones to send and receive picture messages, upfrom 21% at the same point last year. Over the past year MMSusage levels have increased dramatically in 18-34 age groups,and doubled in all age groups above 34 years old.

33% of males use their phones for this purpose but females arebigger users of MMS, with 40% using the medium to send and sharepictures.

Males lead the way in WAP usage

Conversely information hungry males are bigger users of themobile internet (WAP). 38% use WAP compared to 26% of females.Overall a third of all mobile owners use the channel. In theyounger age groups WAP is now mainstream with 61% of 18-24 yearolds and 50% of 25-34 year olds having recently browsed themobile internet.

“Mobile as a communications medium is getting richer and a lotmore exciting,” said Mike Baker, President and CEO,Enpocket.

Brands need marketing strategies that synch with MMS &mobile internet

"Consequently we’re seeing brands committing to long termmobile marketing strategies that encompass MMS and the mobileinternet,” he continued. “The Enpocket Mobile Media Monitorgives clients a deep insight into the best way to touchdifferent segments of the UK market,” said Mike Baker, Presidentand CEO, Enpocket.

With WAP page impressions approaching 2 billion per month,according to the Mobile Data Association, the Mobile MediaMonitor also unveils the most popular types of site on themobile internet. Ringtone sites are the most popular with 48% ofWAP surfers visiting one or more in the last three months. 41%visited news sites, 36% games sites, 33% sports sites, 31%entertainment sites, 28% weather sites and 6% adult sites.

About Enpocket:
Enpocket is a leading global mobile media company servingorganizations looking to leverage mobile technology to fosterand maintain individual relationships with consumers. Enpocketdesigns, delivers and optimizes consumer entertainment andmarketing programs for mobile phones. Their work isdifferentiated by proprietary multi-format delivery engines,careful attention to user experience, and a pioneering legacy ofhundreds of successful mobile programs around the world. Clientsinclude Vodafone, Cingular, Sprint, Verizon, Orange, Telefonica,Singtel, Nokia, Sony, BBC, Fox, Time Warner, Universal Pictures,Time Out,, Snapple, Levi’s, Hallmark, and Nike.Enpocket has offices in Boston, London and Singapore. To learnmore see

About Harris Interactive®:
Harris Interactive serves clients worldwide through its UnitedStates, Europe ( and Asiaoffices, its wholly-owned subsidiary Novatris in Paris, France(, and through an independent global network ofaffiliate market research companies. Harris Interactive Inc.(, based in Rochester, New York, isthe 13th largest and the fastest-growing market research firm inthe world, most widely known for The Harris Poll® and for itspioneering leadership in the online market researchindustry.

The Mobile Media Monitor UK was conducted by Harris Interactivebetween 12 and 16 October 2005, among 1117 adults aged 16 andover in Great Britain. Data were weighted to be representativeof the mobile phone market with respect to age, sex, income,education, geographic location and propensity to be online. Intheory, with probability samples of this size, one could saywith 95 percent certainty that the results have a sampling errorof plus or minus 2 percentage point. Unfortunately, there areseveral other possible sources of error in polls or surveys thatare probably more serious than theoretical calculations ofsampling error. This includes refusals to be interviewed(nonresponse), question wording and question order, andweighting. It is impossible to quantify the errors that mayresult from these factors. These online samples were notprobability samples.

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